Things ive discovered about fatherhood

  1. Diaper changes are not nearly as dramatic as advertised…most of the time (those blowouts can get pretty messy though
  2. We can all learn a little from babies..they like to just sit there and laugh for no reason and we all could use a little of that.
  3. When you have a child, no matter what you do, you must be sure that the baby is okay..from taking a shower to making a sandwich to finally drifting off to sleep.
  4. 8 hours sleep is overrated…4 or 5 hours with small naps throughout the day is just as good!
  5. I have a whole new appreciation for my fiance. She is definitely the strong one in this relationship as I never had to push a person out of me!
  6. After you have a child, you tend to forget to do something…like eat, or shower or change out of your pajamas
  7. Im so thankful for having a girl! No projectile pee has gotten on me!!!!
  8. Even in the most tender moment you have with your child, be prepared for the inevitable spit up (if you dont want any on you, dont have a child)
  9. Always be vigilant! Even when they are sleeping peacefully, they can wake up at a moments notice and be sure they are hungry, and upset!.
  10. Get a swing…they are lifesavers when you need somewhere to set them down that wont make them upset.
  11. Weight and height percentiles were invented to scare parents into thinking their child is unhealthy. As long as they are growing and gaining weight, there is little to worry about
  12. I now know what sleeping like a baby looks like…I wish I could do that still!
  13. Even when I go somewhere alone, I still check the backseat to get the baby out, and I also sometimes forget to grab her when we go somewhere…
  14. Appreciate date night when you can do it…its okay to let the baby be watched by someone else,just not for too long
  15. Pets are not acceptable babysitters..they are sometimes more baby than the baby!
  16. Let other people hold the baby! but be fair cause usually everybody wants a turn
  17. Maintaining your relationship with your partner is still important! Do something sweet, bring home flowers, take the baby to let her sleep and kiss her goodbye!
  18. Not every friend you have is gonna be so accepting of the fact that your now a father..if friendships need to end then let it cause it happens!
  19. Always take will treasure those moments
  20. Enjoy every minute of your new life…your a father now and forever and you get to watch your little one grow into a more perfect version of yourself and your partner..what could be better!!!