Why I dont like Donald Trump

The Presidency of one Donald J Trump has only been in effect for two days, and the response from people has been a firestorm. From riots and looting and destruction on the day of the Inauguration to the million + people in the Womens March on Washington and its sister marches across the country and the globe. Also equal has been the response by his supporters..from mocking and cruel jokes to threats and general disgust with those opposed to him, it is obvious to me how the next four years are going to be quite a wild ride..so I am going to make my feelings on the matter clear

I do not like Donald J Trump..no I am not calling his presidency a sham, im not complaining about the results of the election and im not seeking a change to the way we elect our President. He won the Electoral College fair and square, lets move onward and forward.

Why I dislike Donald Trump has nothing to do with politics. I did not vote for Hilary Clinton, I instead wrote in Senator Bernie Sanders..I feel like my presidential vote should go to a person with whom I can get behind and believe in and I felt at that time that Mr Trump and Secretary Clinton were not people I could believe in. And if people want to get angry with me that I didnt just “vote for the lesser evil “,claim I wasted my vote or accuse me of being a “entitled liberal who did a protest vote” please…its a free country and I would add that the state I live in went to Mrs.Clinton anyway.

I dislike Mr Trump for his actions, for his words and for his personality. Over the course of the election year I watched everything. I didnt just listen to the words of the “lying liberal media scum” as many conservative people and Mr Trump call them, I listened to the words of the man. He is a mean, misogynistic narcissist. He spent his entire nomination process belittling and making fun of his competitors and debating like a 4th grader. He made fun of a disabled reporter. I cant say if he is a racist for sure but some of the things that came out of his mouth were very insensitive to many different minorities.

I found the tape of his “locker room talk” with Billy Bush to be quite disturbing. As the father to my daughter, i found his words to be not one of “guys being guys” as I am one and ive heard locker room talk..sure there talk of how attractive a woman is, but never the avocation of sexual violence.  I know it was from 10 years ago and he says he changed but he is a 70 year old man..how much could he really of changed?

What people should of asked themselves is “if you had a daughter, would you want her to date “…

That being said, I do wish him the best..cause I do live in this country and I plan to for many years to come…you dont hope that the ship sinks while you are still on it!

Our country is more than just a president…Its up to our Congress and our Senate too…The democratic process is alive and well and if in 4 years, Mr Trump has worn out his welcome as President…then vote him out! Democratic party..find a better nominee that isnt embroiled in political scandals!

We will survive these next four years, but people have to be vigilant! The future of this country isnt decided by one man it is decided by the 320 million citizens of this fine country. On and keep protesting if we have an injustice but dont loot and riot and destroy!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that”Martin Luther King



To Believe or not to Believe

To Believe or Not to Believe



One question that I have been asked before, and I do not doubt that many other people are asked is this “What are your religious beliefs” or “Do you believe in God”? This question is one of the focuses of many political debates, it is asked when filling out most profiles on dating sites and religious beliefs have been the causes of wars for centuries…religion is so confrontational and divisive but it is such a strong part of the whole world culture.

My always say that my beliefs are hard to explain, but truth be told…they are not really that hard. I am what you would call agnostic. Agnosticism often gets lumped into the same group as atheists, as people who just dont believe in anything but thats wrong. Agnostic just means that I do believe that there is some sort of higher power out there but I am not going to sit here and say that I know what that is, or try to explain it. It means that I do not go to church or identify myself as a member of any certain group, but I dont discriminate or say any group is better or worse than another. It means that I do not sit down and read the bible for spiritual enlightenment, however I have read it (not all of it) with an open mind. It means that I have no idea what happens to people when they die, and that I believe there could be a God out there, but I dont think humans are or ever will be meant to understand anything about it.

Ill share something with all of you…My mother died 9 years ago on this July 20th…If I was entirely without religious beliefs then I might have a grim outlook on what happened to her after she died…but I dont. I believe that my mom did go to somewhere that is better then this Earth but I dont know if it was Heaven or something else…however I am confident that there is a better place that people go after death

My beliefs do not come from the way I grew up though. If anybody reading this just thinks that I am this way because I did “not have God welcome in my home” while I was growing up, you are wrong. My great-grandmother and many of my family on my moms side of the family are Catholic, in fact I even have a distant relation that is a Cardinal in Rome. My Stepmother in Canby is Mormon and I even attended church and was baptized in Mormonism when I was younger. I also have many other people in both sides of my family that fill out various denominations of religion..so I did not grow up without any religion in my life. The reason behind my current beliefs is myself deciding that as an adult I will keep an open mind about things religious, and not limiting myself to the beliefs of one denomination. It has enabled me to see that most religions are just different people trying to tell the same story

My unique beliefs have enabled me to have a unique perspective on the world. I can look at many things with an open mind and an unclouded view…its actually quite liberating.

Now let me get this out…I do not think of people that do deeply believe in their religion as judgmental bigots. In fact I think the idea of religion is great. I think that if religion did not exist in this world, it would be a terrible place to be…If everyone in the world believed that when we die, all we do is rot in the ground than we would be living in a terribly depressing world. I also believe that if only one religion existed in this world than that would not be good as well…what makes this world great is the fact that there are so many different opinions on…well everything!

What I do not like about many religions is the fact that there is so much hatred because of it. Now if I remember right, the Bible tells people to not judge others…but I find that many religions are deeply judgmental…actually no, its not religions as a whole, but individuals.

I dont know how many different branches of Christianity there are but they all read the same book and worship the same god…so why are they all so competitive with each other? Why are we all so judgmental of the Islamic people…it is not the religion that preaches terrorism, but the individuals that try to convince others to kill for their own gain. Why do many religions denounce scientists when some of their work might someday prove what is written in Genesis?

And then there are the extreme religious sects…like the Westboro Baptist Church who believe that most of the world, save for them are going to be burning in hell very soon…or the extreme Mormons who marry childern and practice Polygamy (Mormons I know insist most of the church outlaws polygamy) and what of Harold Camping, the man who told his followers that the Rapture was coming last year and many of them sold all of their belongings waiting for an end that never came…and after it didnt happen all this man said was “I guess I was wrong”

My final point I wish to make is this…It is great to believe in your religion and I admire all of you that hold deep beliefs in God. It is a gift to be able to believe in something like that, and it is perfectly fine to share your gift with the world, but I urge you all…dont be judgmental of people who do not share your beliefs because there are so many other ways to think and the world will be a much happier place when we all accept others beliefs just as we accept our own.

Have a fantastic night and I thank you for reading!!!