In order to build a more perfect union

After about a year of debates, declarations,promises (broken and unbroken) it looks like we finally have our nominees for the next president…business mogul and media tycoon Donad Trump and former first lady and senator Hilary Clinton. I cant say im pleased with either nominee but the American people have spoken (in a sense) and declared these two people the main competitors to the greatest process in human history…A free and democratic election…well as free as you can make it.

Im not going to talk about the merits or lack of for either of these two people though..I dont want to sway anybody’s opinion either way..But my hopes and dreams for the future of this country are quickly fading and neither of these two people are doing anything to change it.

Almost 240 years ago, this country was founded on the basis that people could live a life free of the tyranny of those who would try and make decisions for you…the founding fathers believed that the people of those 13 colonies deserved the right to choose their own leader, and their own government and be free to make their own decisions on their future, and for many years thats what we an extent.

The Bill of rights outlines that we have the right to say what we want, be it in speech,word or any other medium without threats made against us, that we have the right to choose our religion or lack thereof and nobody can tell you that you cannot do that and various other “rights” that formed up the very basis of how our country was founded, and yet there are so many people in this country that seem to believe that ┬áthose rights are too much.

This country, the country that I love and was born in and would never dream of leaving is becoming so fractured,broken and uncaring, that its almost scary. We prop up people like Donald Trump who perpetuates hate and bigotry (he was even nominated for president) while people who try to bring about a change to make the world a better more caring place…people who radiate acceptance and peace and call them radical dreamers and dirty hippies (or the worst one ive heard, libtards) Now im not trying to put people on the liberal side of the fence up on a pedestal because many of them are just as bad as their conservative friends, im just trying to make a point.

We live in a world that is so divided on almost every issue that it is incredibly scary. I have a 7 month old daughter and I am petrified that she is going to grow up into a world that is almost completely unaccepting of those who are different than the loosely defined “normal”.

The reason I have brought up politics and the election in the first place is because no issue in this country is perhaps as scarily divisive as which side of the political fence you sit on. Over the last decade (especially since Barack Obama took office) ive seen through the news, in person and through the internet just how bad the political divide is. People that identify as republican think that all democrats are “libtards” and “just idiot young people that dont work for anything and want government handouts”or that they are “basically wannabe commies” and people that identify as democrat think of rebublicans as “dumbass racist hicks” and “Klan supporters” or “Nazis”. It is just horrible how bad these people get when the groups are intermingled. Fights, screaming matches and even some deaths have happened just because people disagree on politics. I rarely even talk about my political beliefs and people who dont even know me judge me as a “young idiot kid with no real world experience”.

This has to stop..I wish there were a way we could all stop fighting over something as stupid as who you support for president or if you support gun laws or how a person goes to college..this just wont work for the future…acceptance and tolerance is one of the hallmarks of our society and yet we are slipping back to times when nobody was tolerant over anything….


Rant over for now…keep it civil people