Im back (and kinda pessimistic)

Its been far too long since I wrote anything. I used to be quite the writer, a head full of optimism and ideals and holding my head up high. Though I’ve had quite a few great and happy things happen in my life, I’ve grown increasingly detached and upset at just the world around me…but well get to that.

In the last three years I met a amazing and wonderful person. We dated for a while, got pregnant quickly; had an amazing daughter;got married;I got promoted;moved to what will be our family home for a very long time and got pregnant again with baby number 2. I’ve had a good run of luck with life lately and personally I have reached my nirvana

With all my personal successes though it has opened my eyes more to the horrible mess that everything around me is in. Children being shot in schools, people being attacked and insulted for simply having a different opinion;people in positions of great power doing absolutely nothing to promote unity of the masses and simply inspiring anarchy and lawlessness;people being forced to starve or die simply because they dont have enough money and the rich masses getting richer off of the misery and misfortune of others.

That’s why I have decided to change my blog up. I no longer will post random musings and poetry but I will use my personal blog to support the first amendment and write my own social commentary. In this day and age its very important not to be silenced by anyone if you have something to say, be it older adults that tell you to shut up because of the generation you were born into or government officials that dont like it when people say things negative about them, be it documented truth or not.

I dont have anything to write today but will in coming days…if people read it great, if they dont then oh well and if they dont like what I say, thats the beauty of living in America, were a country of many different ideas, come together in order to form a “more perfect union”. I respect all opinions and would never condemn someone if they have a different opinion, I would just simply disagree (and name calling is just childish)


“Writing is easy, all you have to do is sit at a typewriter and bleed” Ernest Hemingway