Life is a crazy thing…

Its kind of insane to think about…one minute youre a bar hopping concert goer and the next you are thinking of a good neighborhood to move your family into…I would say that is a pretty accurate description of my life right now.


Exactly two years ago I was in a different world. I was living with my great-grandmother, not because I had to as I held a good job and was fully capable of getting a place but because I wanted to..a responsibility  of taking care of her I took on. I spent my nights off from work going to bars and drinking or playing pool with my friend and several of his friends. My dating luck was pretty bad..I was trying online dating but no real luck and I was trying to chase after someone who had completely friend zoned me…I was aimless and without a real purpose in life. Was I happy with this life? I honestly cant say I was..but I wasnt depressed, just in need of a change.

Flash-forward 2 years to 2016. As I sit here typing this, I am now an engaged man. I met the complete love of my life in late 2014 on a dating app which I installed on a whim and expected nothing from. I am sitting in my rented cottage on furniture I inherited from my Great-Grandma who passed away on Christmas almost 2 years ago. In the bedroom sleeps my beautiful Fiance… the love of my life with whom I never want to leave for as long as I live. Next to her is our amazing,gorgeous and sweet 9 month old daughter. A gift that I would never call an accident. The truly great child that her and I made together when our DNA combined and coalesced into the greatness of our daughter.

I am now a family man..I get married on August 27th. I now only go out every once in a blue moon, and I spend most of my nights hanging out and watching Netflix with the missus while we try to get our little one to sleep, I would not trade my life for anything. Our dream is to own a home and one day to retire and live out our days watching our daughter (and any future children) grow up and get married and make grandchildren….I live an amazing life, who needs to be a 20something bar hopper? it gets pretty boring anyway…


Stay safe out there (and go Team Mystic!!!)




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