To Pick A President

That time is upon us again. For the first time in 8 years, The United States Presidential Primaries and nomination process has begun anew for both the Democratic and Republican parties. I have always been fascinated with our Presidential Election season as it is just so interesting and hard not to follow.

I am not just your average voter. Though I am registered as a democrat, I will vote for the nominee that I feel is best for the country. Eight years ago I watched then Senator Barack Obama talk about his candidacy for President on The Tonight Show. I researched and followed him and voted for him in the Oregon Primary over Hilary Clinton and then again in the Presidential Election over Senator John McCain. If Clinton won the nomination I would of had no problem voting for McCain with more research and thought. I voted again for the incumbent President Obama over Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney again because I felt Romney would not make as great a President. Though my voting record and many of my beliefs indicate I am liberal, I do not let myself be defined with a political party. If something I believe in happens to be more on the conservative side, so be it.

When we entered this primary season,my liberal voting registration led me to follow the Democratic Primaries more than the Republican, but I was a little underwhelmed. Hilary Clinton was the only candidate I knew about , and I felt like Clinton still wasnt a great candidate. She seemed elitist, and like the same democratic cookie cutter candidate she was eight years ago. I have no problem at all with a woman one day being president, just not her…she isnt the right one and I felt that she is trying to use her position as a woman running for president to get votes from certain crosssections of society. I didnt feel I had a great candidate..until, Enter Bernie Sanders.

I found out about Senator Bernie Sanders from a blurb in my local paper that said he declared his candidacy. I had no idea who he was, being from a state on the other side of the country from his and even less of an idea what he stood for. So, over time I heard more and more about him so I decided to look him up, and I started to like him more and more. Then I watched him on the first debate, and through the endless pandering to Hilary Clinton that the news network covering it was doing, I saw that he was a person who stuck to his laurels and didnt change just to appease voters and I liked him more and more…so I am proud to say that I feel the bern!!!

Now I want to be clear about something..I am not supporting Bernie Sanders because he is promising me free stuff! I am not expecting to be able to go to college for free, I have health insurance through my work for my daughter and I (and my soon to be wife).I doubt that the minimum wage will ever get nationally pushed to 15 dollars an hour. I dont expect a future President Sanders to initiate a sweeping change in the US government. No, the Senate and House would prevent any change, be it good or bad from changing in this country..especially if it involves lightening their wallets.

I support Bernie Sanders because he isnt a cookie cutter Presidential Candidate. He isnt going to pander to big business or the Super PACs or even his own party (though he is in actuality an Independent).

He is a Democratic Socialist, and before you say “Isnt that like communism?” look it up. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the best Presidents in history was a Democratic Socialist. Now I am in no way insinuating that Sanders will be another FDR but that people should really do their research before making assumptions.

Bernie Sanders is a rogue (but not in the same “in your face” way as Republican candidate Donald Trump). He doesnt follow the Democratic Party hard line and that is refreshing to me..because in the last 16 years of 8 years of Bush and 8 years of Obama, very little has changed in the US..and if this Government is not gonna collapse in on itself it needs to


Feel the Bern,




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