The Jaded States of America

There has been a tragedy in this among many that have happened in the last few years. Last week, a crazed and mentally unstable man opened fire in a community college in the town of Roseburg,Oregon. He killed ten people and wounded many more before taking his own life. In the wake of this horrendous tragedy one would expect the people of this great country of ours, where patriotism and compassion are supposed to be the hallmarks of a great american citizen…and yet that is not what we got.

Instead of uniting in support for the wounded and the families of the deceased, this country has yet again erupted into a civil war of words over gun rights. The pro gun people take this as “oh god the liberals are gonna try to take my guns away cause somebody shot a bunch of people, i must yell loudly about it” and the anti gun people are saying “oh my god,more gun control laws are needed I must yell about this” and both sides wont stop arguing about it…and it makes me very upset.

This country is completely obsessed with guns,so obsessed that we feel a mass shooting is the perfect time to bring up this argument. Before anybody starts calling me a “tree hugging liberal” or a “gun toting redneck” I will tell you that I am not going to talk about my stance on the subject, as I feel that the time or place for this argument is not now.

I will agree with a few points with both sides though…It is true that even the strictest gun laws will not prevent criminals from getting ahold of guns, and a majority of people who own guns are responsible with them;also that something has to be done about how certain people get ahold of firearms as too many mentally unstable people are using them,,as for what I dont know and I will not speculate. Also,mental health in this country (and most healthcare) is simply deplorable.

This gun control argument that is causing some people I know who are friends to get visibly angry with eachother and has ended a few friendships im sure stems from a deeper rooted problem in this country. The USA has got just so damn jaded and intolerant of other peoples opinion

I love America, I was born here and raised here and I happen to think that our government system that we created by the people for the people is one of the best government systems ever created in world history. We can say what we want and do what we want (within the confines of the law) and where different opinions are supposed to be welcomed..but not anymore. We have become so intolerant of anybody who has a opinion that is different than your own.Both Liberals and Conservatives alike cannot put aside their differences on any subject, even in support of a tragedy. We feel that everything that happens is grounds to start a fight. I see articles on the shooting posted online and it is filled with republican supporters mocking liberals for their stances on guns and some even suggesting violence against people who disagree. I see endless memes on facebook about both pro and anti gun sentiment. I see people suggesting that they boycott the president from offering his support for the families of the is sickening that people would use this event for such a thing.

End the debate! Lets save it for another time! Lets just offer our support for the victims and their families. If you wanna do something then go and volunteer or donate to help the victims and the families. Stop with the endless memes and quotes from the celebrities supporting their sides and stop with the damn fighting!!! This is why other countries hate america so much..because we have a mass shooting and start arguing with eachother about who is responsible.

Time and place people..time and place