Life Changes

My it sure is crazy how life can completely change in just a short amount of time. I find myself lost in a sea of changing currents, however there does seem to be a few guiding lights to help guide me out of the murky waters,

As some of my inner circle knows, my life has been absolutely insane for the past 5 or so months. First, a little over 5 months ago I met my beautiful girlfriend Sahalie. She is amazing and perhaps one of the greatest people I know.

About a month and a half after she and I became an us, my 91 year old great grandmother Molly passed away. I had been living with her for quite a while, at first because I wanted to but towards the end because I needed to, as she needed help and I willingly took up the mantle of caring for her. It was hard when she passed, as I wasnt so used to being in the house that I was living with her in, but Sahalie was my saving grace. Ever since she got sick and I had to rush her to the hospital she was staying with me in the house..and eventually her staying became permanent as I asked her to live with me full time.

I know some think it to be crazy how we date for a month and a half and move in together but she helped me through my grief and sadness..and now we could not be any happier together and are looking forward to whatever life throws at us…together.

Now, the newest thing in my life is that due to circumstances beyond my control, Sahalie and I have to move out and find a new place to live. Up until now we had been living in my Great Grandmothers house. We knew that we were gonna have to move but just not when. We know now and are in the process of finding our first place together.

There is also some more news that most in my deep inner circle know, but I am not going to share it so publicly. There will be some sort of public announcement soon but til then its on a need to know basis

Piece of advice people…have your older relatives stay away from reverse mortgages…they are a scam that preys on older people to get their houses when they die

stay safe out there