I somewhat recently had a major loss in my life.My Great-Grandmother, who I have known and been partially raised by passed away a little more than two months ago today. I know it has been two months and some might say “she was old, get over it” you dont just get over things like that…ever

Her name was Molly Faulhaber and she was born on August 20,1923 (though she would of told you very differently). Since she was around for so long, she had a hand in helping raise three generations..My own (My younger brother,three cousins and myself), My mothers (Mom and my aunt Cathy) and my grandfather John Jr.

She is what we would call our Family Matriarch. We had all our family gatherings at her house, and it was mainly because of her that our family even got together at any time. Every major holiday (Christmas Eve,Thanksgiving,Easter) we would all gather at Grandmas house, eat a delicious dinner that she usually cooked, and be a family.She was always happy to cook and host those evenings because she loved her family and loved hosting us.

Grandma Faulhaber had a pretty interesting life, I remember all the stories she used to tell me, from things about when she was a teenager and WW2 broke out, when President Kennedy (one of her favorites) was shot and so many things. Though I will admit that I didnt find all of her stories interesting (she is very opinionated about many things) I am happy that I got to hear them. She lived an incredible life and I am glad I got to hear of it.

When my mom died in 2003, Grandma even offered to take care of us and let us live with her for the rest of our school years. Though we would end up going to live with our Dad anyway, it was pretty incredible that her, in her late 70s at the time would be willing to take care of 2 teenage boys was pretty great..she was selfless like that.

For the last seven years, I was living with her. At first I moved in with her after I turned 18 and decided that I wanted to move back to Eugene from my Dads in Canby in order to graduate high school with my best friends. She took me in without a second thought, all i needed to do was ask. After high school I went to college for a few years. I wasnt at first as I didnt have money for such things but she told me that she would help and that I pay her back when I get a job(which i did). Though I didnt take a full course load at community college (I didnt want to ask her to pay that much) it was incredible for her to do that. I later found out that she actually took out a loan from her bank to help with that. She didnt tell me she did, she just did. She also helped me get my drivers license and learn to drive among many other things. Later, when I decided to quit college and get a job, she put up with me while I was broke and jobless looking for work.It was hard for a while but she didnt put me out on my ass. But,however in her last years I lived with her because she needed help. I had a good job and I could of moved to my own place, but she needed my help, so I at 24 and 25 years old, the age that a lot of guys are living up the single, 20somethings life,I was taking care of my 90 year old grandmother.  It made dating hard, as many women wouldnt look past the fact that I was not living at my own place, but I didnt care as she helped me so I needed to return the favor.

Im not going to go on about how she died. She died after living a full life where she to got know her Great-Grandchildren and almost was able to get to know Great-Great Grandchildren. She lived through 9 decades and saw the world change drastically around her,saw things like The Great Depression.WW2,The Cold War,9/11 and many other events that shaped history, saw 15 presidents elected,2 get shot,one resign ,one nearly get kicked out of office and one become the first African-American President (much to her chagrin unfortunately). When she was born, TVs were still an idea and the Internet wasnt even a thing. She raised a son and grandchildren and great grandchildren and never asked for a dime. She lived an incredible life and im happy to have known her

Rest in peace Molly Faulhaber August 20,1923-December 25th 2014