A Twisted Path

I havent written any poetry for a while but i have been feeling pretty inspired for the last couple weeks..so heres one I just came up with



There exists a path. it is not a path that you would enjoy to walk. It has no flowers, no sights and no sunlit landscape. What it does have is darkness, thorns and dangers.
I found myself going down this path, downtrodden, defeated and dumbfounded…the woes of the world weighed heavily upon my legs.
I walked down this twisted path, head to the ground, hands in my pockets. heart heavy with worries. Devoid of light I continued upon my direction, no destination in mind..just endless miles…
Then I heard a voice…it was faint and quiet but made me look up. It said “I miss you”. Deep did I search for who said it, I called out, I turned around, I ran.Then..I saw her face
My head sprang up, my hands shot out my heart felt lighter as I ran to her. Light poured in from the sky and illuminated the darkness as I ran to her, a smile beaming from her face
And all of a sudden, the twisted path wasnt so twisted anymore
by Devin Knieriem