Moving on up…

If you were to ask me a year ago if I would ever be in a position to move up with my job I would of said no way in hell. I had just started at Winco and I was slow, only just started to learn where everything was and was really quiet..preferred to just blend in and do my job, then go home. Ask me now..and I would say something far different

I was told yesterday that I might be next in line for the Lead Clerk position…I was asked if I would even want it and I shrugged it off like “Sure, why not” but truth be told….I definitely want it. I know I could do it, and I know I would be good at it and I want it. Keep in mind that I would have to apply for it and go through the interview process and as of now they are not looking for any more candidates..but next time they are looking for people to apply for Lead Clerk I will definitely apply for it, and when I get the interview I will blow the Store Manager away and when I get the job, I will rock it

Confidence and cockiness are not to be confused..I have confidence im not cocky


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