A tribute to an old friend

Yesterday was kind of a hard day for me. I lost someone very close to me…I lost my cat, Bobby. I know, its only a cat, and I should be a man and pretend that I dont have feelings and guys are supposed to like dogs and all those masculine stereotypes but I really dont care.

I had that cat for 18 years…18 YEARS! I am only 24 years old so I have had her for most of my life. We got her when she was only 2 months old. She was one of 2 survivors of her litter after it was attacked by an older tomcat that found them. She was originally going to be my brothers cat, as I already had one at the time named Gizmo, but Gizmo died a few years later and Brandon and I shared her.

Oh, and as for her name, im sure that anyone reading this noticed that she was a girl cat and her name was Bobby..well we were originally going to have a male cat, and the man that my mom was dating at the time was going to get to name it. He wanted to name it Bob, but then there was the aforementioned accident with the tomcat, so we ended up getting a girl, but he kept the name. We tried to change it after my mom wasnt dating the guy anymore but Bob stuck…we just called her Bobby cause it sounded at least slightly like it could be feminine.

Bob was with us forever. We moved at least half a dozen times and took her with us. One time when we were living out in the Amazon area of Springfield, our crazy neighbor took her and wouldnt give her back, but we got her back.She was around for me when my mom died and ever so slightly helped my brother and I with our grief. Even when I moved to live with my dad after Mom died and I couldnt take her with me, she stayed at my Grandmas for 4 years, and when I moved back there after I turned 18 she was there waiting for me

Not many pets will last for 18 years…hell not many of them last for ten, but Bobby did. She lived a long and prosperous life, having 3 litters of kittens, one of which from her first litter is still alive and kicking as my Great-Grandmothers cat. Bobby was more than my pet though..she was family…It will be hard for a while when I see her empty food dish, but its okay….Say hi to my mom for me Bobby




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