Moving On (from town to town)

I really need to get out of here..and by here I dont just mean Eugene, I mean the whole state of Oregon. I have lived here my whole life and I am damn tired of it.  Im not a hippie, im not a redneck which automatically excludes me from the two biggest groups in this god forsaken state.

Everyone I know, my family and friends all talk about how much they love Oregon and how they never want to leave…some ask me why I would want to leave such a “wonderful” place..Apparently, there is a good quality of life here, its a great place to raise a family at and blah, blah ,blah..truth is that I do not give a f^%k..Im single, I have no prospects at the moment..I waste all my thoughts on a girl who is obviously out of my league (and not single anyway) and even if I wasnt all these things I just listed, I wouldnt want to stay in Oregon anyway…

Whenever my opportunity comes I fully intend to leave this state and never live here again (odds are that I will end up coming back for family and friend visits)..Where will I go? I want to live a big city not talking about fricking Portland..I hate Portland and I would never live there…I have thought about 5 places where I would go…Seattle cause it seems like the kind of place I would mesh in well,New Orleans for the fantastic food and fascinating history with all the french influence, Indianapolis because of all the major midwest cities, I think I would enjoy living in most,San Francisco because i find it to be one of the most fascinating and exciting cities in the country, and New York City because I definitely could become a New Yorker and because I would love to live on the East Coast (my younger brother insists its awful but him and I are completely different people).

I wont be here forever…..I cant….I think I was never born to be an Oregonian