Everyones got talent

I really like people who have talents..from musicians to actors to people I meet while I am out, I really like seeing people who are good at something. That is probably why I am attracted to women with musical talents so much…play a piano or guitar or bass or you sing? Ladies I can already tell I like you! As for my talents, I would say that I am a fairly good writer but I am the only critic judging so who am I to say? I have a very good, almost eidetic memory, but it is not the best and I can forget some things. I am a knowledge sponge and know random facts on far too many things (im awesome at most trivia games). Even though I dont have any musical talents that I know of ( I want them though) I have a very good set of ears and can hear notes really well (I can usually tell if someone singing is on key or not)..I dont know if any of those are useful talents and I certainly wont be winning any talent shows but oh well I digress…

Time to go and read..im halfway into “A Clash Of Kings” by George RR Martin and it is my goal to have the entire “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series finished (the published ones…when is Winds Of Winter coming GRRM???) by the time Game Of Thrones Season 4 starts (which is the second half book 3 A Storm Of Swords)


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