What never was…

Do you ever wonder what would happen if things in your life had turned out differently? Life is a crossroads with sometimes more than 2 paths….ever branching paths. If you believe in the multi-universe theory than there is someone who is living the same life as you but things turned out much differently for them.

For most of my elementary school years I lived in Springfield. I went to Guy Lee, and then Page Elementary for most of my early education years (besides one year at Riverbend Elementary for 3rd grade). My best friend was a girl named Blair and we were inseparable for most of the time. I had a lot of friends and had built my own life over there and then all of a sudden I moved and started going to Awbrey Park Elementary in Eugene.about a quarter of the way through 5th grade I moved and I never saw Blair or any of the people I knew from that life again I often wonder how differently my life would of turned out if I had never moved.

I guess if i never moved then I would of stayed in Ms. Rodericks class. and finished the DARE program that Springfield schools were so proud of. I would of ended up promoting to Middle school and going to whatever middle school that Page Elementary students went to. Would my friendship with Blair have continued or who knows. progressed into something more?  Would I have the same passions and interests that I do now?

What would of happened to my life if my mom had gotten better, if I would of stayed in Eugene, promoted from Madison Middle School and went all 4 years to North Eugene. Would I still be friends with Ben and Chad when we went to the same school or would we have drifted apart? Would I act different than I do now? Would I have done better or worse in school? would I have still met all the people I met in my senior year of high school?

Maybe im rambling a bit but im a bit sentimental I guess. Truth be told i am perfectly happy with the way my life turned out…good or bad im happy with being the person that I am…maybe alternate universe Devin is an asshole who a lot of people hate? Be happy with the person that you are, good or bad, you are who you are and not much can change that.

still though its perfectly okay to wonder…what if???


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