Toast to another year gone by



Hello everyone and thanks for reading my first official blog of 2013! Looks like most of us survived the Mayan Apocalypse..so lets get ready for the next end of the world prediction (2020 I think).

My official ringing in of the new year occurred at work where I glanced up at like 12:05 and noticed it was after midnight..oh how I wish I could have been out with the world celebrating but oh well I made money.

Everyone has New Years resolutions and for the first time in a really long time I actually feel the need to set and keep some resolutions..and not some vague bulls**t one.

No 1. I resolve to get better with money and save it…I spend too much money on nothing and if I officially am going to move into my own place by the end of the year then I need to learn to save.

No 2. I am going to move into my own place before 2014…I have waited too long (well most of it was the inability to find a job) but its time to experience the world from a new perspective

No 3 I resolve to step outside my antisocial bubble more…its not as bad as when I was a teenager but I still need to get out more and be social and less awkward.

No 4 I resolve to actually pursue and seek women. Maybe this goes with my stepping out of my shell but over the last year I have realized that is actually something missing in my life. Its not like I never looked or anything I was just too shy to do anything. There is someone I have liked for a long time though I am not sure if she and I would ever be able to do that but it doesnt hurt to try

No 5 I resolve to finish my Giara Chronicles novel and to share some of my writing more…writing is a gift that should be shared and not kept in a computer forever…if its bad or not.

Here is to a happy and healthy New Year everybody! Lets make it a good one!