On the road again & Penny Lane

Im happy to report that I have at last found a new car…a replacement for my beloved Elisa. It is a much older car, a 98 Honda Civic, but I quite like it so far. My best friend insists on the reliability of Hondas, and I got a good price for it (3400.00). I have decided to name her Penny, after the Beatles song and the character from the movie “Almost Famous” , Penny Lane…how cool is that! Buying a car is pretty intense…I got it from a used car lot that was right on River Rd (DC Motors). The place had a kind of side of the road feeling but I liked the salesman and I got a good deal with it I believe (sticker price was 3500 and I got it down to 3225 before DMV titling fees). I am fairly proud if it as it has a very nice stereo, cruise control and AC. I cant wait to really take it out in the road!!!


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