Lets write something!

Writing really is the greatest median of communication that exists. Some might disagree, but I have always thought that writing tends to bring out the true person inside yourself…you dont have to accept the social requirements of every day life and you can just pour your soul out into your work. I have loved to write since I was in elementary school…most of the things I wrote when I was young was the ramblings of a kid who was just entering puberty, and stories with little character development and nice endings, but not anymore

I am about 25000 words into my Nanawrimo novel (which my friend Cait tells me is far ahead of where most people are) and I couldnt help but notice how much more conscientious I have become about my story writing. I read whole paragraphs and I change them completely because I feel like there isnt enough description or there is too much dialogue ( or im correcting my own grammar mistakes) and before, I would not worry about any of that..I would just write. My storytelling has become much darker and my characters much more complex. I am kind of dreading when I have to write out the death of one of my major characters…after investing so much time into the story, you can grow kind of attached to them. One thing I am not good with in my writing and that I do not even attempt is sexuality. I have romance but no sexuality…I feel like some writers include things like sex scenes in novels in order to maybe appeal to a broader audience, but I wont even touch that…my stories are character & dialogue driven..I like to build the relationships between characters without using things like sex because it enables you to build a deeper character. I also like to write from different viewpoints, my nanowrimo piece has about 7 or 8 different viewpoint characters (a style i learned to enjoy from a set of novels by Harry Turtledove). It enables the reader to learn a bit more about the characters innermost thoughts and I think that is important…I always use third person though…always!

being a writer does not always mean that you have to show everyone your work..I have many things I have written that I choose not to share with people, but I also can enjoy sharing pieces with others as well (thus the journalist side of me)

Another thing that is off subject…take a breather and relax everybody! take time to spend it with your friends and take a load off!

enjoy yourselves



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