America the beautiful

After a year of constant tv spots, debates, speeches and campaigning, the US Presidential Election is over, and not to the surprise of many Barack Obama was reelected for a second and final term. The election was one of the more contentious ones that I can remember, and even though it really was not close in the Electoral College vote (303-206 with Florida uncounted) it was very close in the popular vote with I believe only a few million votes separating Obama with the challenger, Governor Mitt Romney.

If you voted for President Obama then your probably ecstatic about the win but if you voted for Mitt, then your bitter and angry and some are even sad about i…and I think some of that is unwarranted.

From the reaction to the many Republican party supported that I have seen, many of them have reacted badly to Obama’s win. Some of them insist that Obama being reelected is going to be the end of the US as we know it, some of them want to move out of the country and some of them are actually hoping that someone will assassinate the president (im sure your reading this Secret Service but im just saying what i have seen,  nothing more) and that is what is wrong with this country,

This great country is so divided along political lines that it is almost scary to reveal your political beliefs to others because some actually will react violently. Republican supporters that are angry about the loss insinuate that everyone who voted for Obama is “unamerican” and “uneducated idiots” (democrats have their own name calling too) As long as this kind of divide exists then we will never be “America the great” again… we might as well seperate into 2 countries…the republican half and the democratic half, then we can sit across the border between the two and give eachother the “death stare”

Mitt Romney ran a good campaign and it is clear that he loves this country a lot, as does President Obama…they just have different views on how to run it…and we should all be glad that they do because living in a country where there are no dissenting opinions would be terrifying… Also, Mitts concession speech was classy and well put together…pretty good for someone who said he only wrote a victory speech.

Republicans…it is NOT the end of the world now that Obama is reelected! He is not going to turn the USA into a Obama dictatorship or the Communist States of America. So you dont like him? Wait 4 years and vote for the next Republican nominee that will be running (or if your not a sheep, actually choose a candidate and not follow a party blindly) That is the beauty of this country…We can vote for whomever we like and nobody will try to kill you to make you choose somebody they like. (In Saddam Hussein Iraq you would be shot in the street if you didnt vote for Saddam)

Also a congratulations to Barack Obama. You ran a great campaign with an even better strategy that enabled you to keep your position as leader of the free world for another 4 years. May these next 4 years be years of great prosperity and happiness in this country

Thank you and long live the United States of America

Stay classy America



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