Move Along

There is a song that seems to continually find its way to be playing in my music shuffle…Move Along by All American Rejects. Say what you might say but I actually quite like that song. I saw them perform it earlier this year at the Lane County Fair and thought it was still quite good. My post today is not going to be some praisefest for the band, but rather one of hope and positiveness.

The song seems to be talking about a person who has lost all hope but is continuing to move along in life with the hope that it will eventually get better and I think that is one of the most positive messages that a song can have. I have had a lot of shit happen with my life…divorced parents;social anxiety;continually moving around;my moms death and depression but yet here I am.

I have never been a person to let things get me down too much…well at least I try not to be. I always try to put things in perspective, as it could always be worse (and its hard to imagine worse things than some things). Like now…I found out that my beloved Elisa the Caliber was indeed totaled in the wreck I was in 2 weeks ago. I have been without a car for 2 weeks, having to rely on my friend to drive me back and forth to work, the accident was declared my fault and now im dealing with the repercussions of that, but I try to remain somewhat positive…I was not hurt, the woman who hit me was not hurt and my insurance is going to cover it could of been worse.

Sometimes, when your feeling depressed about something, you have to look at a broader picture..while I am sitting here, typing on my laptop in a nice, heated house with working electricity and clean water, the people all along the northeast that were in the path of Hurricane Sandy are not having an ideal week. I can complain about things like car damages if I want, but they would all have the right to shut me up.

Even in light of the devastation that the hurricane caused, there is hope…every day I hear stories about people who risked their lives to save others that were trapped and at deaths door during the hurricane, some of them still breathing and some of them not so lucky, and yet some of the people there are hoping for a better future…they just keep moving along

to sum it up…life is too short to get caught up in things, just count the fact that you are still alive and you will live to see another day because if people who watched a hurricane blow their house down or saw a flood of water wash their house away and are now living in red cross camps without power can still maintain a somewhat positive attitude and keep moving along…why cant we all?


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