an ode to the open road

In the four years I have been doing this, I have yet to find a more freeing and liberating thing to do…of course I am talking about driving (Yes I know I started driving when i was 19 be quiet). When im driving down the open road, with the windows down and some good tunes on the radio I feel..I feel excited and at peace at the same time.

I know a lot of people that would disagree with me…my father drives a for a living, my best friend hates driving and some people are just scared of it, but I am not one of them. With my car in the shop in metaphorical “car surgery” I am unable to drive anywhere and never before have I ever felt so cooped up! Even though I could probably ride the bus or walk places…I just dont want to! Nothing beats the feeling of driving a car for me…It is so freeing to be able to get somewhere as quickly as cars will get you there…whenever you need to go somewhere, just turn on the ignition and go!

I think that my all time dream career is something where I could just drive around from place to place and somehow make money off of it…not a truck driver or anything like that, but to drive a car from place to place…there are probably some careers that would let you do that but I am not a very good salesman!

Let me share what my ultimate vacation would be. My ultimate vacation would be to first, get a classic muscle car..a hard top not a convertible because they just have more of a “classic” feel. After obtaining that car I would embark on a cross-country road trip from Oregon on the west coast, all the way to Maine on the east coast and then back home going whatever way I would choose to drive…maybe through Canada or maybe I go across all of the northern US States or maybe I drive through the heartland..I will  have to decide. Also, on this trip I would not have a designated time I needed to be back..I would take my time as I visit each place, taking in sights, taking many pictures, seeing all the attractions and just having an excellent time and not worrying about having to return for life..a pipe dream I know, especially with gas prices and just how expensive everything is…maybe thats why I envy Sam & Dean Winchester so much!

May you feel the wind at your hair




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