My favorite 90s bands ever

(note:these are in no particular weighted order)

Green Day;Nirvana;Counting Crows;;Alice in Chains;Blink 182;Sum 41;The Offspring;Bush;Pearl Jam:REM;Smashing Pumpkins;Radiohead;Rage Against The Machine;Soundgarden;Guns N Roses;Good Charlotte;Weezer;Stone Temple Pilots;Sublime;Foo Fighters;Black Crowes;Faith No More;The Cranberries;Blind Melon;Wilco;NOFX;Bad Religion;Goldfinger;Rancid; Evanescence;Everclear;Sonic Youth;Third Eye Blind;Three Doors Down

I know im pretty heavy on the punk and grunge… Thought about this list a lot…many of the bands on here would probably make my favorite of all time as well


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