Sympathy for my car

Yesterday, I again experienced another unlucky event in my life…I was in another car accident. I was not hurt at all in the event, I didnt even have a scratch on me, but I cannot say the same for the poor car.

The accident I was in before was not my fault, and it was probably worse than this one but I still feel terrible about it. I wont say where the fault lies with this one for legal reasons but lets just say that I have a pretty good idea where it lies.

My car, who I affectionately named “Elisa” suffered some pretty good damage to the passengers side fender area and the windshield is severely cracked. The impact caused the airbags do deploy and sent me into a nervous wreck. Luckily, the person with whom I was in the accident with seems to be a very nice lady, and also she did not suffer any harm to herself as well, so that is good..but still…I feel terrible for the car.

I know cars are just lifeless machines that are meant to drive us around, but I developed a special connection with this car, She is a 2009 Dodge Caliber, and she was a real trooper. She drove me to all sorts of different places, she was the car I drove when I got my first job, and the one I got now. She got pretty great gas mileage, and has cruise control and power windows and adjustable seats and steering wheel and the radio was pretty good and..well I loved this car.

I do not yet know the extent of the damage, and I probably wont know until next week sometime but I am doing as close to praying as a person with my set of beliefs can do. I really sincerely hope that this car is not totalled…the damage did not look like totalled when I saw it but I am not an expert so I wont claim anything. Now my hope lies with Allstate and Better Bodies and Paint (the place that is doing the work with the car). I would like to say that I have the upmost confidence that I will drive Elisa again but I just dont know…I dont even know if they are going to take her into surgery to try and repair her…its all I have been thinking about for the past 32 hours… I am questioning my driving ablilties and weather or not I am actually a bad driver or not…I did not get more than a couple hours sleep last night and when I did, I was reliving the accident in my dream…maybe im just thinking about this too much, and its just a car but….I just want to drive my car again…nothing else….If there is a god out there…please let my car come out of this okay…please im asking you…


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