Simple joys to get you through the day

Sometimes we need to get away and enjoy some of the more simple things in life,,,some of the things that bring you a little bit of joy to get you through the day. One thing that brought me joy I thought I would share with you all. I was driving home from my cousins wedding and as usual, every driver on the road was a jackass. There was this one jackass who was driving a newer mustang (stereotypes galore) and he must of been going about 90 miles an hour down the freeway. First, he came right up behind me and tailgated me (all I could see was the top of his car). I am not one to give in to dumbass drivers so I stayed in my lane (going about 70) and didnt move over. He must of eventually had enough of not speeding so he went into the lane next to mine, flipped me the bird and sped off, weaving his way through the semi-busy traffic of Interstate-5 on a Sunday night. I continued to drive, minding my own business, setting my cruise control and putting in Dookie by Green Day (low volume unfortunately because I was also driving my Grandmother). A few miles up the road, I saw the flashing lights of a police car that had pulled someone over. I glanced on the poor sap that probably got caught speeding and sure enough it was Mr. Jackass himself in his Mustang! That brought a smile to my face and a hearty laugh at the stupid idiot that thinks he is king of the road just because he is in a Mustang (newer mustangs are ugly as all hell anyway).

Dont drive like a jackass people..cause someone might be watching! Also, I am not going to give into your jackass driving techniques so if im not going fast enough for you, go around me and flip me the bird if you want…I might flip it back too cause I have gotten a speeding ticket…they are not fun, so I only go about 5 over the limit usually….if you dont like it then F^%k you!!!!!!

have a nice afternoon



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