Middlle of the night musings

Its finally raining out here in Oregon…I swear that its been sunny and mid 70s for the last 3 months…I like sun but its kind of  a nice change of pace with the rain

I do not really have a topic that I want to write about right now…but I want to write something so I will

I recently finished writing my own autobiography. I know how weird it is that I wrote it since I am not famous or have anything of note to really write about. It is about 150 pages, all handwritten and it goes from what I remember of my birth all the way to when I graduated high school in 2008. I decided not to go any further than that cause I needed a stopping point so it didnt turn into a daily journal type thing. I would let people read it but im kind of adverse to letting anyone read it that has stuff written about them in it. Inside are all of my innermost thoughts of people I met through the first 19 years of my life and not everything is nice.

If anyone reading this knows me personally and would like to read an interesting depiction of my life, and i didnt meet you until after I graduated high school..let me know…

The greatest thing a writer can do is share his abilities with others, thats why I tell everyone about my blog on Facebook and dont hide it (although I have edited some posts and deleted some of them I wrote when I was angry or intoxicated). I am wary of making people angry at me being the pathological people pleaser that I am, but I am always willing to share my work with others…so if you are a writer and enjoy doing it…consider sharing your gifts with others!

I wish you all a terrific night



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