Don’t you want somebody to love

So, tomorrow for the first time in my life (that I can remember) I am attending a wedding. This wedding is for my first cousin, with whom I am actually pretty close.

Weddings are an interesting concept…but their value in society today has diminished quite a bit. As a child of a divorce (and it was rather nasty for a while) I am a bit of a skeptic on things like love and marriage. Would I like to be married someday? Yeah, sure I think everybody does…but not any time remotely soon. I can say that easily right now because I have never actually been in love with someone…but I am pretty sure I have no desire for marriage right now.

One sad fact is that divorce rates in this country are around 50 percent…for a country that claims itself to be a christian nation, that is quite bad. The institution of marriage just doesn’t mean as much anymore, especially when you see some of these celebrity marriages that last less than a year (cough cough Kim Kardashian). That means that one out of every 2 couples to marry this year will end up getting divorced at some point…a sad fact indeed.

As for my cousin and his fiance..congratulations Matt and Sara, may your marriage last for many long, fruitful and happy years. May your family of 4 (who knows maybe more someday) be forever happy and live each day with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

And I will roll up to that wedding tomorrow looking suave and cool of course…well I dont have any black dress shoes so tennis shoes will probably have to do..I also dont have a tux or even a tie but I guess its semi-formal so no worries about that



PS…Jefferson Airplane…that is all


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