Googly Eyes

Do you remember your first crush? Im not talking about those ones when you were kid and had little idea on what boyfriends and girlfriends were…im talking about after hormones were raging in your head and messing with your actions.

I remember my first real crush…her name was Nona shes a rocker with a nose ring…no im kidding that is a song!!!!!! (Bowling for Soup “Girl all the Bad Guys Want)

My first real crush was in 7th grade…her name was Katie. She was a grade older than I was (only slightly older though cause I should of been in the same grade as her). She was in my orchestra class and I remember that she was one of the nicest people that I ever met. I was socially awkward. had kind of a reputation as a “weird kid”, wore glasses and stuttered around girls but she was so incredibly nice to me…not to mention at that time I thought she was absolutely stunningly beautiful.

Nothing ever happened with my first crush…I figured there was no way a girl as nice and pretty as her would ever go out with an awkward, gangly kid like me..but what I remember about her was she could always put a smile on people face and had a bright and sunny personality.

I do not know about how well people do with their first crushes…some might get to date them, some might just admire from afar and some might even stalk them (I sure hope not) but crushes are a big sign in the development of a teenager…the first sign that your hormones are raging a war against your brain that you will probably not win

So I ask you this…take some time to reminisce… do you remember your first crush?


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