Ignorance is terrible bliss…

I recently read an article about how a senator from the south announced to a crowd that the theory of evolution was “a lie from the pit of hell”. Now im all for people being religious and following whatever they want…but its things like this that have turned me into the religiously cynical person I am today. 

The deeply religious cling to their bibles and Genesis as the answer to the creation of the universe…the ONLY answer. According to Genesis, the Earth is only 9000 years old and people were placed on the Earth by God like kids would place their toys on the ground to play with them. A couple illogical points to that…first of all, if Earth(and the universe) was only 9000 years old then why are there things far older than 9000 years? If Adam and Eve were the first humans then what about the remains of the homosapiens that are far older than 9000 years?

Another thing that always will trip the deeply religious up is the existence of dinosaurs. Ask a christian about dinosaurs and see if they tell you something that actually makes sense. If Earth is only 9000 years old then why are dinosaur bones dated back to 65 million years ago (carbon dating proves that).

One of my favorite things is to hear some of the far fetched theories about dinosaurs from the deeply religious. Some think that dinosaurs existed with humans thousands of years ago and that some humans actually rode them like horses (there was a museum in Florida that had depictions of this). Some believe that dinosaurs were actually on the ark with Noah (that would have to be a pretty big ark) and that they died out sometime after that. Some even go as far to say that dinosaurs never existed and their fossils were put on the earth by the Devil in order to get people to not believe.

I have no problem with religion but it irritates me to no end that people believe that a book written thousands of years ago has all the answers to everything and to question it means that you are a devil follower. The argument I hear is that science and the theory of evolution is always changing and it cant possibly have any answers because someone someday will disprove it…well that cant happen with the people that believe in creationism? Your bible is so concrete and written in such a way that everything written in it is true and cant be proven wrong?

Humankind is always going to question its origins and science will continue to try and discover what our real origin is…weather we were all created when God got out a big gob of clay and constructed the universe or a huge explosion created and scattered material all across the universe or weather it was something else we just dont know…and to assume that without a fact that we know is completely ignorant…

dare to dream



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