Raise your glass

Alcohol is glorious. Beer is fantastic with Football,Scotch is amazing when you want something smooth at the end of the day,bourbon is excellent,vodka is great to mix with stuff,tequila isnt great but its good for parties. I love alcohol and I love to drink but I am not an alcoholic…I couldnt afford to be anyway.

Alcohol is always associated with so much negativity…while I do see why some people dislike it for its effects, I do not think that it is the alcohols fault…rather the fault of the person who makes bad decisions.

They tried to ban alcohol in this country once before, but prohibition didnt end so well as it became the only amendment in the constitution to be amended.

Tonight I drank beer, watched football then I played video games at a barcade with a friend and drank some  more beer. I was very careful with my alcohol intake and my first beers watching football and my other one playing games were well spaced out, and I had a glorious time.

long live beer, and whiskey and alcohol…adding more fun to already fun times since it was invented! Just dont be stupid and drink and drive or get hammered drunk every night…generally not a good idea


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