What once was will never be (my rant against “foul weather fans”)

Green Day is and has been one of my favorite bands for a while now. One of the main reasons is my affinity for punk rock, and as a band with Dookie, Green Day is amazingly awesome!

Little known fact about me, I did not actually start to get into Green Day til sometime after American Idiot came out. In fact, I was pretty sure I did not like Green Day until then, but that was before I kept an open mind about music. For most of my life, until I was a teenager I was very musically sheltered. My mom loved country music, as did my dad and as for me, I pretty much would try to like whatever my friend Ben liked due to my never ending desire to fit in somewhere. I said to people in school that my favorite band was Ratatat, which was a electronic type band that Ben liked, even though I only knew about 3 of their songs.

During my freshman year of high school, I heard a lot about this American Idiot album by Green Day. I never listened to it and due to what I heard from other people, I decided that I did not like it, until one day when I heard “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” on the radio. I liked the song, and slowly from that I started to develop my own musical tastes. I got really into punk rock and grunge from the 90s, as well as 60s and 70s rock from Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin and others. I heard Dookie from Green Day which to this day is one of my favorite albums ever created (that one and “Nevermind” by Nirvana are tied for No 1 for me).Over time, I started to develop a new attitude about music, which was that I would listen to anything, no matter the genre and decide after hearing the music if I like it. Nowadays my music collection includes everything from Chuck Berry to Kanye West to Florence & The Machine and everything in between (I still dont have much of a taste for country though).

American Idiot was an album from Green Day I actually really liked. It would be my third favorite Green Day album after Dookie and Nimrod, but I always hear people say that “American Idiot is a terrible album, and I hate Green Day cause they sold out to be popular”. I hate people like that…people that decide that they like a band until they get famous, then they are awful cause other people like them. I do believe that bands will change their music style when they get famous, but that is just what happens when you hit the big time and get signed by a major record company. People like that are just angry that tickets to see that band sell out faster than they can get tickets for their shows..

Every band in the world wants to hit the big time and go on sold out shows across the world. Yes, American Idiot was very different than Dookie was but get over it! Dookie was a great example of how great the 90s Punk Rock scene was, but that genre is just dead today unfortunately. Grunge is the same way, there will never be a great grunge band like Nirvana or Alice in Chains again (I know Alice did a new album but its not the same without Layne Staley). Get over it people! I loved a lot of bands for their past stuff, Blink 182 was way better back in the Enema of the State days, the new album doesnt compare, but its not terrible! Fans should love a band regardless of if they get famous and their style has some changes! American Idiot still had some great tunes and Green Day did not go country, they just went into more Alt-Rock than Punk! Dont be a “Foul Weather Fan” and give them a chance. The fame just means that others learned to appreciate that band just like you did!!!

Enjoy your night everyone!



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