an ode to the open road

In the four years I have been doing this, I have yet to find a more freeing and liberating thing to do…of course I am talking about driving (Yes I know I started driving when i was 19 be quiet). When im driving down the open road, with the windows down and some good tunes on the radio I feel..I feel excited and at peace at the same time.

I know a lot of people that would disagree with me…my father drives a for a living, my best friend hates driving and some people are just scared of it, but I am not one of them. With my car in the shop in metaphorical “car surgery” I am unable to drive anywhere and never before have I ever felt so cooped up! Even though I could probably ride the bus or walk places…I just dont want to! Nothing beats the feeling of driving a car for me…It is so freeing to be able to get somewhere as quickly as cars will get you there…whenever you need to go somewhere, just turn on the ignition and go!

I think that my all time dream career is something where I could just drive around from place to place and somehow make money off of it…not a truck driver or anything like that, but to drive a car from place to place…there are probably some careers that would let you do that but I am not a very good salesman!

Let me share what my ultimate vacation would be. My ultimate vacation would be to first, get a classic muscle car..a hard top not a convertible because they just have more of a “classic” feel. After obtaining that car I would embark on a cross-country road trip from Oregon on the west coast, all the way to Maine on the east coast and then back home going whatever way I would choose to drive…maybe through Canada or maybe I go across all of the northern US States or maybe I drive through the heartland..I will  have to decide. Also, on this trip I would not have a designated time I needed to be back..I would take my time as I visit each place, taking in sights, taking many pictures, seeing all the attractions and just having an excellent time and not worrying about having to return for life..a pipe dream I know, especially with gas prices and just how expensive everything is…maybe thats why I envy Sam & Dean Winchester so much!

May you feel the wind at your hair




My favorite 90s bands ever

(note:these are in no particular weighted order)

Green Day;Nirvana;Counting Crows;;Alice in Chains;Blink 182;Sum 41;The Offspring;Bush;Pearl Jam:REM;Smashing Pumpkins;Radiohead;Rage Against The Machine;Soundgarden;Guns N Roses;Good Charlotte;Weezer;Stone Temple Pilots;Sublime;Foo Fighters;Black Crowes;Faith No More;The Cranberries;Blind Melon;Wilco;NOFX;Bad Religion;Goldfinger;Rancid; Evanescence;Everclear;Sonic Youth;Third Eye Blind;Three Doors Down

I know im pretty heavy on the punk and grunge… Thought about this list a lot…many of the bands on here would probably make my favorite of all time as well

Sympathy for my car

Yesterday, I again experienced another unlucky event in my life…I was in another car accident. I was not hurt at all in the event, I didnt even have a scratch on me, but I cannot say the same for the poor car.

The accident I was in before was not my fault, and it was probably worse than this one but I still feel terrible about it. I wont say where the fault lies with this one for legal reasons but lets just say that I have a pretty good idea where it lies.

My car, who I affectionately named “Elisa” suffered some pretty good damage to the passengers side fender area and the windshield is severely cracked. The impact caused the airbags do deploy and sent me into a nervous wreck. Luckily, the person with whom I was in the accident with seems to be a very nice lady, and also she did not suffer any harm to herself as well, so that is good..but still…I feel terrible for the car.

I know cars are just lifeless machines that are meant to drive us around, but I developed a special connection with this car, She is a 2009 Dodge Caliber, and she was a real trooper. She drove me to all sorts of different places, she was the car I drove when I got my first job, and the one I got now. She got pretty great gas mileage, and has cruise control and power windows and adjustable seats and steering wheel and the radio was pretty good and..well I loved this car.

I do not yet know the extent of the damage, and I probably wont know until next week sometime but I am doing as close to praying as a person with my set of beliefs can do. I really sincerely hope that this car is not totalled…the damage did not look like totalled when I saw it but I am not an expert so I wont claim anything. Now my hope lies with Allstate and Better Bodies and Paint (the place that is doing the work with the car). I would like to say that I have the upmost confidence that I will drive Elisa again but I just dont know…I dont even know if they are going to take her into surgery to try and repair her…its all I have been thinking about for the past 32 hours… I am questioning my driving ablilties and weather or not I am actually a bad driver or not…I did not get more than a couple hours sleep last night and when I did, I was reliving the accident in my dream…maybe im just thinking about this too much, and its just a car but….I just want to drive my car again…nothing else….If there is a god out there…please let my car come out of this okay…please im asking you…

Simple joys to get you through the day

Sometimes we need to get away and enjoy some of the more simple things in life,,,some of the things that bring you a little bit of joy to get you through the day. One thing that brought me joy I thought I would share with you all. I was driving home from my cousins wedding and as usual, every driver on the road was a jackass. There was this one jackass who was driving a newer mustang (stereotypes galore) and he must of been going about 90 miles an hour down the freeway. First, he came right up behind me and tailgated me (all I could see was the top of his car). I am not one to give in to dumbass drivers so I stayed in my lane (going about 70) and didnt move over. He must of eventually had enough of not speeding so he went into the lane next to mine, flipped me the bird and sped off, weaving his way through the semi-busy traffic of Interstate-5 on a Sunday night. I continued to drive, minding my own business, setting my cruise control and putting in Dookie by Green Day (low volume unfortunately because I was also driving my Grandmother). A few miles up the road, I saw the flashing lights of a police car that had pulled someone over. I glanced on the poor sap that probably got caught speeding and sure enough it was Mr. Jackass himself in his Mustang! That brought a smile to my face and a hearty laugh at the stupid idiot that thinks he is king of the road just because he is in a Mustang (newer mustangs are ugly as all hell anyway).

Dont drive like a jackass people..cause someone might be watching! Also, I am not going to give into your jackass driving techniques so if im not going fast enough for you, go around me and flip me the bird if you want…I might flip it back too cause I have gotten a speeding ticket…they are not fun, so I only go about 5 over the limit usually….if you dont like it then F^%k you!!!!!!

have a nice afternoon


Middlle of the night musings

Its finally raining out here in Oregon…I swear that its been sunny and mid 70s for the last 3 months…I like sun but its kind of  a nice change of pace with the rain

I do not really have a topic that I want to write about right now…but I want to write something so I will

I recently finished writing my own autobiography. I know how weird it is that I wrote it since I am not famous or have anything of note to really write about. It is about 150 pages, all handwritten and it goes from what I remember of my birth all the way to when I graduated high school in 2008. I decided not to go any further than that cause I needed a stopping point so it didnt turn into a daily journal type thing. I would let people read it but im kind of adverse to letting anyone read it that has stuff written about them in it. Inside are all of my innermost thoughts of people I met through the first 19 years of my life and not everything is nice.

If anyone reading this knows me personally and would like to read an interesting depiction of my life, and i didnt meet you until after I graduated high school..let me know…

The greatest thing a writer can do is share his abilities with others, thats why I tell everyone about my blog on Facebook and dont hide it (although I have edited some posts and deleted some of them I wrote when I was angry or intoxicated). I am wary of making people angry at me being the pathological people pleaser that I am, but I am always willing to share my work with others…so if you are a writer and enjoy doing it…consider sharing your gifts with others!

I wish you all a terrific night


Top Ten Favorite Green Day songs

I have been listening to a LOT of Green Day lately…so I thought I would share my ten favorite songs from them

No 10 Jesus of Suburbia/American Idiot (yes, the whole 9 minute song is a masterpiece)

No 9 Castaway/Warning

No 8 Nice Guys Finish Last/Nimrod

No 7 Long View/Dookie

No 6 When I Come Around/Dookie

No 5 Maria/International Superhits

No 4 Poprocks and Coke/International Superhits

No 3 Minority/Warning

No 2 Letterbomb/American Idiot

No 1 Basket Case/Dookie

There are plenty of other great songs by them (and some not so great) but these are my true favorites

Don’t you want somebody to love

So, tomorrow for the first time in my life (that I can remember) I am attending a wedding. This wedding is for my first cousin, with whom I am actually pretty close.

Weddings are an interesting concept…but their value in society today has diminished quite a bit. As a child of a divorce (and it was rather nasty for a while) I am a bit of a skeptic on things like love and marriage. Would I like to be married someday? Yeah, sure I think everybody does…but not any time remotely soon. I can say that easily right now because I have never actually been in love with someone…but I am pretty sure I have no desire for marriage right now.

One sad fact is that divorce rates in this country are around 50 percent…for a country that claims itself to be a christian nation, that is quite bad. The institution of marriage just doesn’t mean as much anymore, especially when you see some of these celebrity marriages that last less than a year (cough cough Kim Kardashian). That means that one out of every 2 couples to marry this year will end up getting divorced at some point…a sad fact indeed.

As for my cousin and his fiance..congratulations Matt and Sara, may your marriage last for many long, fruitful and happy years. May your family of 4 (who knows maybe more someday) be forever happy and live each day with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

And I will roll up to that wedding tomorrow looking suave and cool of course…well I dont have any black dress shoes so tennis shoes will probably have to do..I also dont have a tux or even a tie but I guess its semi-formal so no worries about that



PS…Jefferson Airplane…that is all