The Wonders of the Universe

One of my favorite hobbies I do is astronomy. Astronomy is not fortune telling and horoscopes, that is astrology, so I will not be talking about such superfluous things.

Astronomy is the study of the start quite simply..astronomy is what happens when you look up at the stars and try to find a constellation, or when you stare up at the full moon. Astronomy is one science that you dont need to be a scientist to understand..all you need is a pair of eyes and an open mind.

I learned to appreciate astronomy in elementary school. when I believe my second grade class did a study on the solar system. It was all fairly basic stuff, what the nine planets were;the asteroid belt and solar system models. Most of my classmates like usual elementary schoolers finished the study and moved on to other things, but I was utterly fascinated by it. I continued to check out books on the solar system in the school library, and some on things beyond our solar system, as I was just so enthralled by it all!

One of the most fascinating things I know about space and the universe is the fact that is so infinitely big. Earth would be nothing but a speck of sand on a beach in comparison to the sheer size of the universe. There are other stars out there that are 500 times bigger than our Sun that so elegantly shines in our skies each day. Planet Jupiter in our own Solar System is so big that it could fit all 7 other planets and Pluto as well as all their moons inside of it. The asteroid Ceres is about half the size of our moon, and about 100 times bigger than the asteroid that crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula and wiped out the dinosaurs (well it helped wipe them out).

Space is just so infinitely interesting, I do not understand why more people dont ask about it, or wonder whats out there. Some people are comfortable just living life on our tiny little rock and wondering “why worry about whats out there when we have our problems here” (an actual quote I saw from someone in a Yahoo! news article about the Curiosity rover).

I implore everyone to take an interest in what is out there! Go out just before sundown and you will probably see Venus, which, next to the moon is the brightest object in the night sky. Look through a telescope and see if you can find the “North Star” also known as Polaris, which is named such because it is always the northernmost star in the night sky. Locate a constellation (though you will probably have to go out of the city to do that) those are always fun if you find them to trace the lines with your fingers.

I could go on all day telling you all the immense amounts of knowledge of space I know, but that would get long, technical and boring. The point im trying to make is that the universe is so much bigger than what you can see in your backyard or the city you live in. Explore it with your eyes, and dream of whats out there…cause when it comes down to it, we just dont know yet…


Enjoy your evening everybody



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