Express yourself

Today was a very boring day for me..I went to work and did not get home until about 3 AM, which is just an awful hour because normal people are asleep and the bars all are closed (I know, change it to writings of a drunk right?) When I got home, I had a couple thoughts…one of them was to check on what the latest news was from the Monday Night Football debacle (It was clearly an interception) and the other was that I needed to write something…So for about an hour I wrote a little of the first novel of my fantasy novel series that will never be released to the general public..but then I thought..why not?

As a person who wants to be a successful journalist someday, writing is everything to me. The mark of a good journalist is to be able to write what you are going to write, and to not worry so much if people are going to like it or hate it…to be able to express yourself in a public forum and not be concerned if people are going to hate it. Now as I say this, some other journalism majors are going to tell me that I am completely wrong, that people have to like what you are writing or you will not be successful, and while that is right in a way, I do not think that “being liked” should be a major concern while you are crafting your article.

Why am I rattling off on being a journalist do you ask? Well I think that my idea of not worrying about ridicule should apply to all mediums of expression, not just writing but to music and art and any other form of self-expression. I think that even some of the greatest writers in the world these days are worried about if people will like them or not, and this will cause them to get overly concerned with making changes.

We live in a society where people want to be accepted, and I am no different. As a middle and high schooler I was what you would call a social outcast. I was not popular,  had very little friends and no attention at all from girls and I spent most nights at home in my room playing video games and not doing my homework. I will tell you what though…I would of done anything to be accepted by my peers. I wanted so much to be one of the “in” crowd that I got into habits just because I thought they would get me accepted..I did not like Football until Freshman year when I liked it because everyone else did.

Back to my original point, I got so overly wrapped up in being accepted that for a time, I got away from the things that I loved…I stopped looking at the stars at night and finding constellations,I stopped reading and I stopped writing all the time..I wrote some pretty deep stuff and I thought that if anybody ever saw them that they would make fun of me or tell me that it sucked and I could never write anything…But I got away from that. So if you are a secret writer, who has a lot of thoughts on paper but are afraid of what people will think, or an artist who thinks people wont get their art or a musician that believes that they suck too much to go public…stop worrying! It does not matter what anyone else thinks, if YOU are happy with what you have created then go with it! Share your gifts with the world, because you never know…you might be the next Steven King, or Pablo Picasso or Kurt Cobain..or you might just be a decently talented person who is happy with what they created and even though the rest of the world doesnt appreciate least you do


Avere Buona Notte,



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