Who is this guy???

Who am I…a little get to know on the writer,publisher and creator of my personal blog




I have a saying…I believe that the best way to get to know a person is through writing…because I believe even through no fault of our own, we tend to hide our true selves in real life…sometimes out of necessity and sometimes because we are afraid of what others might think. So here is me…the truth and nothing but the truth on Devin A Knieriem

Well as you can infer from the above paragraph, my name is Devin Knieriem…Im of German and Native American descent apparently. I have one full blood brother, who is serving in the Navy, a half brother who is going to be a future Football star and a stepsister..but they are all family to me regardless of blood.

I really think that I might have too many interests….I love all kinds of music except country really. My favorite genres are punk rock,grunge,pop punk,and classic 70s and 80s rock

I drink entirely too much coffee..heck the stuff is probably in my blood and mostly responsible for my terrible insomnia I have most nights. Needless to say im addicted to caffeine and im proud to admit it!

My biggest passion in life is writing..I write all the time! My blog might not show it but I have a lot of things saved on my computer…everything from poems to short stories , a fantasy novel series,unpublished blogs,journalistic style pieces,current event opinions,autobiographies,memoirs and many other things. I wont say as to my skill as I am not a vain person, but I am really not that worried if people think that I am not very good.

As you can tell from all the writing, I really want to be a journalist someday..I was going to go to school for Journalism but I ran into financial difficulties so I have to wait now..but its no matter because the amazing thing about writing is that you can do it at any time in any place with a job or not.

I guess that my passion for writing came out of needing a way to cope with my life…I have not had the easiest life in the world…I have had major social anxiety since I was in middle school which made people I went to school with think there was something wrong with me…I didnt talk very much and I was not very popular so it made some people infer that I had a mental retardation..yet I was in all normal classes…I just was very quiet. I am also the child of divorced parents..I watched them deal with eachother for many years and they had their ups and their downs..things like custody wars,child support arguments, petty jealousy and new marriages plagued them all through my childhood. I do not blame them for anything though, we are all human and not perfect.

I really started doing a lot more writing 9 years ago though, My mom died from complications from cancer and I was forced to move in with my Dad and Stepmom..who lived a good distance from where I had been living for many years. My social anxiety went way up when I moved in with them in Canby,Oregon..I made little friends there and was very lonely and slightly depressed for a number of years until I moved out when I turned 18 and finished High School (I was held back a year in Kindergarten) with my friends back where I used to live.

I love music but I am not able to play an instrument. Though I own an electric guitar, I do not know how to play it and I never got any lessons. I would love to learn to play guitar and piano as well..I think I would have the capacity to learn how but I have tried and cant teach myself.

For the past couple years since I turned 21 I have turned into an outstandingly positive person. I was before but now I find myself always trying to find the light at the end of even the darkest tunnels. I had been on a job search for about a year and a half and during that time I made no income and lived with my grandmother but I never got discouraged..always just smiling and saying “the next one maybe”

I would say that I am a very good friend…I have never lost a friend that I have made and I am unflatteringly nice to everyone I meet. In terms of people I enjoy to hang out with, I have a small group of people that I see on a regular basis. I have many other friends though and I have been making many new ones lately..If you meet me in real life, I am very easy to get along with, I have a decent sense of humor and If you ever need an ear to listen to your words..mine is always available!

I wont talk of my romantic life…its kinda depressing anyway so I avoid such things…but im not depressed that I am single…its just a word anyway

Some of my other favorite things including driving,road trips,Some of my other favorite things including driving,road trips,astronomy,hiking,humor,concerts,football,tennis,hiking,humor,concerts,football,tennis,bop its,cheesy horror movies, reading, old video games, scotch & cigars,beer, football games,classic cars, side of the road diners,taking walks,watching the stars,naps,photography,surfing the internet,beaches,getting lost,cooking,bacon,sarcasm,karaoke,whiskey,Sci Fi shows,netflix, warm weather and pizza.

I think that is enough for now…I have quite a bit of stuff in there..so if your reading it…then enjoy! Everyone better have a fantastic week…or else!!! kidding kidding!!!!!


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