Career Choices

I would say that today is a pretty good day…although the day has only just started for me! 

When I turn on the tv or read the paper or see any sort of media outlet, all you hear about is the upcoming presidential election. Talking heads telling you why you should vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, or Republican pundits telling you how bad of a job Obama did for the last four years or Democrats telling you that Romney is an out of touch millionaire that doesnt care about the common people.

In my opinion, and no offense to anyone that is considering this career..but politics is the worst career that a person could get involved in. Imagine if you were working in a place where a certain group of people are “programmed” to completely hate you for only what you are representing? That is party politics for you, and it is the worst career in history. In a recent poll taken, only about 4 percent of the voting population in the US are undecided voters,,,which means that 96 percent of the voting population in the US just vote for whoever the democrat or republican candidate is and dont take a lot of thought into it.

If you work in politics, you can pretty much expect that there are going to be a lot of people that really hate you, even if you think you are doing good things…heck even if you do good things people are going to hate you (there is always something to dislike about a new law passed). You can also expect to lie…just like lawyers, politicians lie. Politicians lie to get elected, to get support or just to make themselves look better, it just comes with the job.

With all that being said..we need politicians in this world…but what we need are politicians that are not only looking out for the best interest in their own party…those can maybe fix the broken government that we here in America have lived with ever since George W Bush took office.

 Well, as for my prediction on the election…I predict that Barack Obama will be reelected for a second term..Mitt Romney kind of shot himself in the foot when he insulted half the country with his “47 percent dependent and think they are entitled” video that surfaced…Obama or Romney though whoever is elected I dont think that will fix anything in this country as long as the other 2/3 of the government continues to be so divided


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