The end



The end isn’t why are people disappointed??

by Devin A Knieriem





About 57 days ago it finally happened…everyone knows what I mean. The calender flipped to the much talked about and much feared Year 2012…the year of the inevitable destruction of modern society as foretold my the ancient Mayan Empire.

If you are like me (and most sane people) you know that this is just another “end of the world” prediction, in much the same way as Y2K and Harold Campings “Rapture” prediction and that on the Winter Solstice at December 21st of this year, nothing will happen! We will go through the shortest day of the year without a hitch and we will all wake up on December 22nd with the sun still rising and people still walking around.

The 2012 predictions though are quite intriguing to me…with some of these other end of the word predictions many people let it go in one ear and out the other, but this one seems different. 2012 has been talked about so much more that it is almost scary. Everywhere you go people are saying “The World will end in 2012” and “we have to prepare” If you watch the History Channel, they have specials almost daily where they get scientists on screen that tell you about the “validity” of the 2012 predictions, or tell you that the Mayans predicted everything else right so far…It almost seems to me that there is a large portion of people that want the world to end on December 21st 2012…and quite frankly I do not blame them.

We live in a terrible world, lets all be honest. Inflation rates are making it so that even people living in modern countries like the US are having a very difficult time affording to live. People living at the top in positions like government are too busy arguing amongst themselves in an attempt to win a countrywide popularity contest. All around the world, wars are being fought over even such trivial things as resources and who gets to use them. Leaders of other countries are killing their own people because they don’t agree with them. The planet is overpopulated and overall resources, such as food stores and crude resources are being depleted quicker and quicker. The earths natural cycles are being disrupted by modern technology..I mean lets face it…this world really sucks!!!!

All the reasons above are why I think people keep coming up with their end of the world theories…because they are tired of it all! Some of these people sincerely believe that the world is going to end soon, so they load up on essential supplies for life, train themselves in basic survival skills, create escape plans and wait for the eventual day that everything hits the fan…for they believe that due to their planning, they will survive and carry on their own lives in their post apocalyptic fantasy land. How scary is it that there are people out there that sincerely believe this is going to happen? Or, how scary is it that this life we all know might sincerely come to an end…

The 2012 prediction is probably not true but somewhere deep in your subconscious do you wish it was? If we as a species don’t get together and try to make this planet better, there is a very good possibility that we might very well suffer a terrible fate someday…..