Go Occupy yourselves

Why occupy?

Ok so, I have been reading a lot of articles about this “occupy wall street” movement that is spreading throughout this entire country…and my one question is..what exactly are they protesting?

From what I could read, the occupy wall street protests are a response to corporate greed and economic inequality, which is understandable, because there is no doubt about the level of economic inequality in this country, however, I do disagree with the way they are going about it.

I am failing to understand how standing in lines with picket signs and blocking city streets is going to change anything from the current “norm”. People don’t like the fact that the poor are getting poorer while the rich get richer..but what do you expect the people that work at these big corporations to feel bad that people are poor and give everyone 1000 dollars? How exactly is this going to change anything, in fact I find these movements to be counter-productive myself.

Big corporate people are rich because they are good at their jobs, they are rich because people buy their products and thus making their net worth go up, and the protesters don’t like that? That’s the American dream that the founders of America told everyone about some 230 years ago. Sure it is sad that people are getting poor and there are not as many jobs as there are people to work them, but don’t complain about the businesses that are just doing their job, complain to the government. Wall Street doesn’t have the power to give all the unemployed a job. The government can do more than they can. Picket them.

I am not going to support a bunch of people that just make life difficult for everyone else by blocking streets and cause problems with their loud, sometimes violent protests. The only thing these protests are doing is hurting small businesses, like the occupy Eugene people that stole the Saturday Market lot from the vendors that need the cash they make there to get by..do they care? It doesn’t seem so. They just want to sit there with their signs and piss people off. Do something that is actually going to accomplish something. I fail to see how these “occupy” protests will change anything at all

Oh also just to be clear, I am an unemployed college student, and im not siding with the Wall Street people either, Im just saying that you are not going to change the fact that the poor are getting poorer by standing outside city centers with picket signs

Thank you and good day!