Bin Laden Death

Sunday, May 8th 2011

	First and foremost I want to wish everyone who is a mother a very happy mothers day, and to everyone else, you better of called or seen your mother today!!!!

	Exactly one week ago today we were all sitting around on a Sunday doing whatever, when all of a sudden. . ..something big happened. There was a breaking news alert that said President Obama was going to come out from the White House and announce to the US and possibly the world some humongous news. Obama came out and announced to the world that the most wanted man In the world, Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the notorious terrorist group behind countless attacks against america and other countries including the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11th..was dead. 
	Osama Bin Laden was killed in a surprise attack on what turned out to be his compound in Abottabad, Pakistan by an elite group of Navy Seals. His compound was a Multi-Million dollar mansion in Pakistan, it was not a cave, it was in a area in Pakistan that was not far from an elite Pakistan Military Academy…he was hiding in plain sight…
	Even before the press conference, it was speculated that Osama had been killed, and a crowd started gathering at the gates, waving American flags and singing “the star spangled banner” and many other songs that represented American patriotism. The celebration also was in Ground Zero, the site where almost ten years ago, the towers fell and 3000 innocent Americans lost their lives. The celebrations went on everywhere in America, from New York to LA, Americans waved their flags and sang….republicans and democrats alike came out into the streets and celebrated the death of the most hated man in the world
	But this sense of celebration brings another issue to it really right to celebrate someone losing their life? Honestly, the answer is hard to say. On one hand, this man killed thousands of people, and coordinated attacks that would of killed many more. He was cold and ruthless, killing men, women and children alike, all for the sake of his “jihad” against America. But on the other hand, someone lost their life, is that really worth celebrating? 
	What side do I take? I wont say…all I will say is that the world is not perfect..We would not be having this debate if people like Osama Bin Laden did not exist…But here is something to think about though… We live in a society where the punishment for killing a human being is to be killed yourself, and this man killed thousands of people, so in the context of this world Osama Bin Laden got what is coming to him…hate that if you will but its where we live