Feb 22- Feb 28

No 1  Last tuesday, a powerful earthquake shook up the Christchurch, the capital of New Zealand.  A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand, thought to initially have killed 75 people, and that number keeps rising with several hundred people still missing. This might evoke memories of the Haiti earthquake last year, which killed many people and people raised millions of dollars to help, as im sure people will begin efforts to help New Zealand soon as well. It is always a sad day when people lose their life in something like this and im sure we all wish those killed in the quake to rest in peace and for the survivors to get back to their lives as soon as possible (though that might be hard with all the damage)
No 2 Here is something interesting, the aforementioned earthquake did more then just damage property and kill people, it also broke off part of a glacier. A 30 million ton block of ice in a lake close to Christchurch broke off as a result of the violent earthquake…an interesting story indeed..lets see what the conversationalists say about this…
No 3..It happened, the sky must be falling, and 2012 must be real. In an absolutely stunning move (which I would of NEVER seen coming) Fox News guy Glenn Beck actually apologized for something he said..you heard me right APOLOGISED!!!!  What Beck was apologizing for was a remark he made about Reform Judaism (modern jewish people) in which he compared them to Radical Islamists (The “Holy War” and 1000 Virgins Islamists). If you are curious about just what exactly Beck said then look it up..honestly I don’t wanna defend him as I do not like him but he didn’t call them terrorists, but whenever you are compared to Islamists these days, it sounds very bad. Now if only he could do something about calling anybody that has a liberal viewpoint “Nazis” or “Communists”
No 4…This is just a quick one for me.. “Oh Superman” by Laurie Anderson….listen to it…its just a hoot (right Caitlin Lyons?)  Now im sure all the Neo Hippies and Indie people will call me ignorant as the song has a real meaning and all that..and I don’t really care if they do..its just funny with all the “Hello”? “This is your mother” Bahahahahahahaha
No 5  Yep, that’s right folks, the star of the hit CBS show “Two and a Half Men” and known crazy man Charlie Sheen had gone off the deep end. The actor, who was recently hospitalized for a 36 hour cocaine bender with several porn stars and prostitutes has now officially become insane. CBS halted production of its number one show when Sheen went off in several rants criticizing show creator Chuck Lorre and demanding that he still be paid for the episodes of two and a half men that will not be aired..In fact he is demanding that they double his pay..Sheen is already the highest paid actor on television…..lets see how this is all gonna play put…my odds are on badly \ No 6. Speaking of crazy people, we havent even begun to talk about the sheer mental craziness that is Libyan Leader Omar Gadhafi . This guy has been in power since the 70s in Libya, and he is known as a bit of a dictator among his people. Now, much like Egypt his people are revolting against him, but unlike Egypt Gadhafi isn’t going out without a fight. Gadhafi blames his people unrest on Osama Bin Laden, stating that his people were given “hallucinogenic drugs” By Osama. He is also trying to sick his own military on ordinary citizens, even ordering his air force to bomb the protesters. His insane demands have led to many of his own aides and militart personnel to defect, as they are not willing to attack their own people as Gadhafi is. The US and the UN are now getting involved in the Libya situation, trying to impose a “no fly zone” over libya, and they have frozen Gadhafi’s assets, also they are pondering military action against Gadhafi. One can only hope that the bloodshed is soon stopped as Gadhafi has resulted to using mercenaries to attack and kill the protesters, as they slowly threaten Gadhafis grip on power. No 7 . In unrelated news, at some point in the last few weeks, the world news hub, Facebook has a new most popular person. Pop Star Lady Gaga has had the title for a while but she found her 29, 000,000 Facebook likes eclipsed by Rapper Eminem, and the gap is widening fast…What a world…

No 8. The NFL scouting combine is this week. This is the yearly get together of all the top NFL prospects from college, where the team scouts come with stopwatches and watch to see all the tools of these top players. Now, the impending NFL lockout puts a bit of a damper on the event, as these prospects might not even play next year, but still it is an important tool for the NFL
My Mock DraftNo 1 Carolina Panthers: Nick Fairley DT AuburnNo 2 Denver Broncos Da’Quan Bowers DE ClemsonNo 3 Buffalo Bills Cam Newton QB AuburnNo 4 Cincinnati Bengals Julio Jones WR AlabamaNo 5 Arizona Cardinals Blaine Gabbert QB MissouriNo 6 Cleveland Browns Patrick Peterson CB LSUNo 7 San Francisco 49ers Marcel Darius DT AlabamaNo 8 Tennessee Titans  Von Miller LB TexasNo 9 Dallas Cowboys Prince Amukamara CB NebraskaNo 10 Washington Redskins AJ Green WR Georgia
No 9 March Madness is almost here… Time to start thinking about how your gonna win your office pool. I personally find March Madness to be the most exciting time in sports..It isn’t as redundant as the BCS, or as easy to predict as the NBA Playoffs, or as obnoxiously long as the MLB playoffs (I like the world series, the rest is pretty boring). March Madness is a end of the season sporting event as it is supposed to be… A tournament where if you lose, your out, and where anybody could win on any given day..I just hope I don’t do as bad as I did last year, where the champion I picked was knocked out in the second round (Damn you Ali Faroukmanesh or however it is that you spell your name)
No 10. The Oscars were last night…and I got some of my picks right, and some wrong…My picks or best picture, best actor and best actress were dead on, while my supporting actor and actress picks were a little off, both won by people from “The Fighter” (though I admit, I was just guessing on best supporting actress..I did no research and didn’t see “The Fighter”) I enjoyed watching the show, for the redundancy factor wasn’t as high this year. Congrats to all the winners and better luck next time to the losers.. Oh and I was also wrong on best director….Shouldn’t of not called “The Kings Speech”..sheesh


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