New Top Ten Feb 14 to Feb 22

Devin’s top ten for Feb 14-Feb 20

No 1 . Does everyone remember when NASA told everyone that Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore? Well that continues to be a highly contentious subject, but my news isn’t that the “dwarf” planet is a regular planet again…cause its not. However, there may still be hope for nine planets in our solar system, cause scientists may have discovered a new ninth that happens to be four times bigger then our old biggest planet, Jupiter.  Planet Tyche, the name given to this giant is a planet that may or may not exist in the Oort clout on the outer rim of our solar system. An Oort cloud is a area of the solar system that contains billions of comets, which makes it difficult to actually see what is inside the cloud.  Two astronomers from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette claim that in the next couple of years NASA will actually be able to prove or disprove the existence of Tyche, which they claimed to have found in 1999, but many scientists are convinced that Tyche does not exist..we shall see
No 2. Ok is it me or does nobody know proper grammar, or even how to properly spell anymore? I was walking to my bus stop this morning and I saw some kids had made graffiti on somebody’s fence. of course the kids were trying to be “gangster” so they had painted. actually tried to paint “west coast” on the fence.. but it came out “west cost” And this isn’t the only thing I have seen..some kids had written some very nasty insults about some girl with sharpie on the bus stop sign..but they misspelled “slutty” and made “sluty”. I have noticed that Facebook is the mecca of bad grammar. Nobody even bothers to spell anything right, or use proper grammar..Now sure it is social networking and the bad grammar is “semi” acceptable but blatantly  misspelling some words that are so very easy to spell…really..come on kids…learn to spell!
No 3 Some sad news from last week…Everyone knows about all the trouble these Somali pirates have been causing off the coast of Africa by now. The military snipers last year that simultaneously fired and killed two pirates ,who had kidnapped the captain of a US cargo ship, and all of that stuff? Well..they are at it again. Pirates had kidnapped two couples and hijacked their boat, the “quest”, and the US Navy was soon on their tail, trying to negotiate their release. The violence all started when the pirates fired an RPG at a US missile destroyer, missing, and immediately after the navy heard gunfire. The navy quickly boarded the ship and captured the pirates but it was too late for the four Americans, making this the first time that Americans had been killed by Somali pirates. The people are identified as Jean and Scott Adam and Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle. My heartfelt condolences go out to the families of these people who had to die because the cowardly pirates were afraid to face justice…I do hope the US has a response for this, as pirates may continue to target and kill people..we have warships, lets do something about it.
No 4. Last weekend, the NBA had its annual “No Defense Basketball” All Star weekend. This weekend is a showcase of what happens when nobody tries to stop you from scoring, such as the wide open 3 point contest and the uncontested slam dunk competition, as well as the “lets make a highlight reel” All Star game. Now let me be clear, I do not hate all star weekend, but it gets kinda boring because it is the same old thing every year.  \However, the slam dunk competition was pretty awesome. LA Clippers rookie phenom Blake Griffin won the contest by jumping over a car, which was pretty cool. I will admit though that the dunk part of that one wasn’t that great but the pageantry of the whole thing was pretty awesome. The JaVale McGee 3 basketball dunk was insane, and the Serge Ibaka “grab the toy with your teeth” dunk was pretty good as well. But I think that the NBA should get big names to the dunk contest. most of the players there except Blake Griffin were not well known, and if the Slam Dunk competition had LeBron James, Griffin, Dwight Howard and a few other well known players, it might be really worth watching..get it done David Stern!
No 5. Normally, I do not like NASCAR. I mean I just don’t like watching 43 cars go around in a circle for 4 hours with the occasional crash. But I saw a story on ESPN that actually got to me. 10 years ago on Saturday was the day that NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt died in a accident on the final turn of the Daytona 500, and ESPN ran a story about it. It is actually quite sad to watch, as after the crash, Earnhardt was in really bad shape, so he was immediately taken to a hospital. Crashes happen all the time in NASCAR, so many of the drivers that day thought that Dale was going to be ok. The winner of the race that day, Michael Waltrip, who was a teammate of Earnhardt, celebrated with his pit crew in his win, in the back of his mind he was thinking about his teammate, but he didn’t think it was bad. Earnhardt’s son, Dale Jr immediately rushed to the hospital with his step mom Teresa to go check on his dad. The sad part was that Earnhardt passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. The story in a whole is tragic and sad, the piece is so well done, you can feel how emotional some of the people they interviewed for it got…RIP Dale Earnhardt
No 6. Everyone uses a social networking site these days, I mean over 500,000,000 people have a face book page, and the numbers keep growing in Mark Zuckerberg’s global empire. However, there are some pitfalls to social networking, and most of them have to do with the person who has the page. People generally are not very smart when it comes to what they put on their face book page, putting phone numbers and locations and vacation plans on your page is generally not a very good idea. However, I think that the most ridiculous thing on face book is the “In a relationship, its complicated” status you put on there. I mean most people don’t want everyone to know their business, and now your going to tell the world that your having problems in your relationship? shouldn’t that be private, or are you just seeking attention. I don’t mean that everybody that uses that is seeking attention , but just think about it, do you really want everybody in the world to know your problems?
No 7. Here is a fun piece. So through the internet I have noticed that the band nickel back seems to be eternally hated by most people. So in honor of that I made myself a rule..its called the nickel back rule. When nickel back comes on the must change the station..even if there is nothing else nickel soon as you hear Chad Krogers voice..change
No 8 . You know what one of my biggest complaints about other drivers is? Tailgaters. No, not football fans cooking, but the people that like to get right behind you, way too close to you. Most of them do it because they want to go faster then you are going and that is the asshole way of getting you to move over, but when im going the speed limit, which is what I am supposed to do, im not gonna move over. And if you like to tailgate..I like to stop suddenly..and make your stupid ass pay for it because you were following too close…don’t mess with me tailgaters!
No 9 . The long saga is finally over, and Carmelo Anthony has a new team. The NBA all star from the Denver Nuggets was traded late monday night to the New York Knicks after months of demanding a trade, and his former team negotiating with many teams to try and get the right deal. Anthony wanted to go play for the Knicks since the beginning, but the Knicks didn’t budge for a while with trading away some of their better players to get him. They finally did, and there is another big three in the eastern conference to go with the Miami Thrice and Boston 3 party..Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups..the Broadway Three?
No 10. Well, the Oscars are next weekend, the annual big time movie awards..and here are my predictions on who is gonna win some of the bigger awards
Best Directing: Darren Aranofsky, Black SwanBest Supporting Actor:  Geoffrey Rush., The Kings SpeechBest Supporting Actress: Amy Adams, The FighterBest Lead Actor: Colin Firth, The Kings SpeechBest Lead Actress: Natalie Portman, Black SwanBest Picture:  The Social Network or The Kings Speech I cant decide


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