Feb 6 to Feb 13

Devin’s top ten for the week of Feb 7-13
…and I guess for those celebrating it today ill wish them a happy valentines day…

No 1. Did you all see the Grammys last night? Well, I chose to partake in the pageantry of the event and watch it on TV, and here are some of my thoughts. I am usually pretty good at predicting the winners when I see the nominees because its usually as simple as who is most popular right now, however this year I was dead off. Since Eminem was pretty big this year with his “Recovery” album, I assumed that he would win most of the 10 nominations that he had, but I was wrong again. He won rap album of the year of course, but I was surprised when he lost record of the year to Lady Antebellum (frankly I was surprised at all the awards she won that were not country awards). And I was even more surprised when Arcade Fire beat him out for Album of the year, but I thought that was pretty cool though because in my opinion the Arcade Fire album was the better album.  And my final thought goes to my absolute glee that the 12 year old Canadian girl Justin Bieber did not win Best New Artist. Im sorry to all the fans of him (why?) but he sings like a girl, and he is one of the worst songwriters that I have ever heard in my life. I have no idea who the girl is that won and I have never heard anything she sang, heck I don’t remember her name but congrats to her.
No 2. So here is another excerpt from the Super Bowl. People need to lay off Christina Aguilera for her national anthem mess-up. So she mixed up a few lines and didn’t sing it right, give the girl a break. People need to remember that she was singing in front of 103,000 people in the stadium and 11 MILLION that were watching on TV. From what I know, there are a lot of people that don’t even know all the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner (I know people who thought America the Beautiful was the national anthem). Besides, I thought that despite the missing lyric, she sang it beautifully, that girl has range!
No 3. One last thing from last weeks Super Bowl, did anyone hear about the people who paid for tickets and were told that they didn’t have a seat? There were 500 people who paid to watch the Super Bowl live (probably spent a lot of money) and they had to watch it outside the stadium on a TV. Well those 500 people filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL, Cowboys Stadium and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. After the game, the NFL offered them two options, one is that they will have a ticket to next years Super Bowl in Indianapolis, or another is a ticket to any future Super Bowl of their choosing, with airfare paid. Well, that offer was not good enough to placate those fans. The league and all those people are being sued for fraud, and how this all plays out will definitely be interesting
No 4. So, nowadays everyone seems to think that 2012 is the new “end of the world” date, specifically December 21st 2012, the winter solstice, but 2012 is SO last year. The new end of the world is some time in 2036. Why is this? It is because of the Apophis Asteroid. This asteroid is about the size of two football fields and in the year 2029, the asteroid will pass right by earth. What could determine its path is if it passes through a very small “gravitational keyhole”. If the asteroid does hit this “keyhole” (the odds are very slim) its path could be changed and it will come back and impact earth in April of 2036, However people of earth, do not fret, NASA, and the other space agencies of the world are keeping an eye on this asteroid and if it is to be on a collision course, they have plans to knock it off course (and they do NOT involve Bruce Willis)
No 5 . Last Monday, I read a truly touching story, and I thought I would share it with you all. In the wide world of Sports, with the multi million dollar contracts, the trade demands and the childish antics, you thought that there were not any good guys left, but you would be wrong, there does exist someone and his name is Tom Walter. Tom Walter is the head coach of Wake Forest’s Baseball team, and college coaches are known to be a lot closer to their player then the pros, but this goes beyond being close to your players. On that baseball team is Kevin Jordan, he is an outfielder for the team. Jordan contracted a mystery illness that shut down his kidneys, he lived off dialysis machines and he needed a kidney, so as doctors usually did, they tested all of his family to try and find a match, and they didn’t find a match. Coach Walter heard about his sick player and he immediately went down to the hospital to get himself checked out and see if he was a match…he was. This coach donated one of his own kidneys to his player, saving his life. If this isn’t an example of selflessness in the world of sports, I don’t know what is..TOm Walter…one of the good guys
No 6  The whole Egypt situation is finally over, in case you all didn’t know. The protesters in Cairo who have been out there for weeks on end, beating up reporters, and just being out of control finally got what they wanted. President Hosni Mubarek finally stepped down, and Egypt will now attempt to establish a democracy in a land that was once ruled by Pharaohs. The protesters thought that they had won on Thursday when a top general in the Egypt army said to the protesters that all their demands would be met, but Mubarek stood defiantly in front of the angry mob and said that he would be transferring some of his power to his vice president but he would not step down for another six months. The crowd got angrier and soon after that, he stepped down. Hard to believe this was all started by a face book group…
No 7 Does anyone know about Wikileaks? It has been called one of the most important journalistic tools that exists today by the New York Times and also it has been called espionage by the major world governments. Wikileaks is a website that somehow gets its hands on important world government classified documents and  posts them on the internet. It is both lauded and condemned, people hate it and love it, one of the most controversial sites that exist today..more on this next week

No 8 It is that time of year, when there are no kickoffs, no discussions on who is the best and no touchdowns.. football season is over. We all have to wait until September, and while there will always be college football, for those of you that love the NFL, there might not be any football next season, unless the NFL Players Association(NFLPA) and the team owners can come up with an agreement in the next few weeks. Why is this? The NFL makes 9 billion dollars every year, it is one of the biggest corporations in this country and it is seemingly recession proof, but what keeps the league funded is the collective bargaining agreement(CBA). This agreement decides where the 9 billion dollars go, with the current deal giving the owners 1 billion dollars for expenses needed for maintenance and then the remaining 8 billion is split like this 60 percent to the players and 40 percent to the owners. Well, the current CBA will expire in march, and the NFLPA and owners are hard at work trying to get a new one, however, discussions are not going well. The owners want to get an additional 1 billion dollars, and the NFL front offices and the owners want to add 2 games to the current league schedule to make it an 18 game schedule. The players are dealing with a rash of injuries and don’t want the additional 2 games, and the players don’t want to lose the money they would have to give up..so they are at a stalemate…I really hope they come up with a deal soon, because I don’t know what I will do on sundays without the NFL…
No 9 Well, I already mentioned Egypt and their overthrowing of their president, but did you all know that this is not the only place that is revolting against their government,  Egypt was the one that got the most news. Tunisia is having a rather violent revolt against their corrupt government, also revolting is Algeria, Bahrain and Yemen, and I heard about unrest in Saudi Arabia, and Iran is telling anyone that plans of protesting against them that they will be arrested for treason if they demonstrate against president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The world is all going to hell now..we better watch out….
No 10. Its reputation is spreading faster then the world, it is everywhere, in your store, in your TV, in your government.. you know what I am talking about..Facebook.. Its truly amazing to watch how Facebook is inserting itself into everyones daily lives. There is really too much on this topic so look for Wednesday when I do one whole blog entry on how face book is becoming the giant entity that it is, and just how much power its CEO Mark Zuckerburg has


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