My Top ten for Jan 30-Feb 6

Devin’s top ten for the week of Jan 30-Feb 6 2011

In an effort to get a blog entry up every week, I am going to try something new..Every monday I will have a top ten review of last week..these are things that I thought were important, random thoughts and observations of mine from the previous week..if you don’t like it..don’t read..if you don’t like my opinions..I really don’t care too much but leave a comment telling me how much you hated it and it might amuse me

No 1. Ok so by now everyone is aware of what is happening in Egypt right? How basically there is a civil war going on there and violent mobs run the streets of Cairo and all that. Well through all that, the US news organizations like CNN,MSNBC and ABC still send out reporters to Egypt to report on what is going on there. The reporters are not greeted with fruit baskets when they are there either..CNN’s Anderson Cooper was beaten and chased twice, Katie Couric was heckled and several other reporters were attacked or chased..(In the Conan joke from the other can we send Glenn Beck out there hahaha). In conclusion I have to say that those reporters have some thick skin to be out there where they are not just unwanted, but where people would use force to remove them. When my journalism career really begins I will have nothing to do with such reporting, so congrats to them for having the biggest cajones
No 2. Now it goes without saying that everyone knows that the Super Bowl was yesterday. The unofficial American holiday where people gather together and watch the biggest football game of the year. I have to say that the game itself was pretty entertaining. The Packers looked good early, but the Steelers came back and made it a game, however in the end the Packers won thanks to the laserlike precision of Aaron Rodgers arm. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers on winning their 4th Super Bowl in history and to the Steelers..I still don’t like you guys but it was a good game. On another note I finally broke my 4 year losing streak on picking the Super Bowl winner!
No 3. Another note from the Super Bowl comes from the Clay Matthews forced fumble in the 4th quarter. Now this is significant because does the last name Matthews look familiar to you Ducks fans? Yes, in case you didn’t know (I don’t really know how you wouldn’t because of how often its mentioned) he is Ducks middle linebacker Casey Matthews older brother. And another reason that is significant is because Casey did the exact thing, force a fumble in the 4th quarter in the National Championship game when he stripped Cam Newton of the ball. So that means that in both the BCS National Championship and the Super Bowl they had a member of the Matthews family force a 4th quarter fumble.
No 4. No Trespassing signs..Ok so lets talk about those signs. Trespassing itself is already illegal, as trespassing is to be on somebody elses property without the owners permission, so why do those signs exist?  Putting one of those signs up is like putting a sign up at a convenience store that says “No Robbing”
No 5. Ok does the movie industry make any original movies anymore..I mean really? That movie coming out soon named Battle:Los Angeles (I wonder how long it took em to come up with that name?)..It looks very similar to Independence Day..kinda like Skyline that came out earlier . And then there is that movie The Roommate…same thing as that older movie Single White Female right?  And as if the subtleness with making movies with new names isn’t enough..they are making a Spiderman REMAKE? That movie came out in 2001, its not quite old enough for a remake is it.? Well I guess they remade The Incredible Hulk too so…yeah
No 6. This one is for Ducks fans like myself..National Signing day was last week! Chip Kelly and the Ducks nabbed a very good recruiting class, a top 15 in ESPN rankings and No 10 on Rivals recruiting rankings. The Ducks also nabbed a 5 star recruit who changed his commitment from USC to Oregon, a guy named De’Anthony Thomas outta LA, thus landing a sucker punch on the USC Trojans (Sweet!)    This Thomas kid is an athlete who could play Runningback,Wide Receiver,Cornerback, and a variety of other positions. We also nabbed a 5 star guy outta Hillsboro High(That’s in Oregon) named Colt Lyerla. Scouts have said that he is almost a clone of Chicago Bears All Pro linebacker Brian Urlacher, who is a pretty good player. Overall it’s a pretty good class and the future of the Oregon Ducks football team looks pretty promising
No 7. To continue with my Sports theme, amid all the recruiting news and Super Bowls, a all time record was set over the week..but its not exactly a record to be proud of.   The Cleveland Cavaliers, who just a year ago were one of the best teams in the NBA, set an NBA record for most consecutive games lost. The Cavaliers lost their 24th strait game with a 111-105 loss at home to the Portland Trailblazers. The only difference between this years Cavs and Last years is one player…Two time MVP LeBron James…Last years Cavs won 61 games and this years doesn’t even look like they will win 20 games. My question is are the Cavs really this bad with one player gone, or are they tanking the season to try and nab a college star player like Jared Sullinger and restart their franchise. All I know is that the ultimate record for futility now belongs to the Cleveland Cavaliers..don’t enjoy it…

No 8. To everyone that is reading this from Eugene..isn’t the weather great outside? I say this because everywhere else in this country it seems is having some sort of crazy winter storm. There is a layer of ice in the Midwest, a pile of snow on the east coast and a deep freeze in Texas..what the heck is going on? Basketball games are getting cancelled because of the weather and other events, it is just insane, really makes you look at your own situation and be glad that you live in Oregon…the state where nothing ever happens.
No 9 Why the hell is reality TV so popular? The most popular show on TV right now is Jersey Shore on MTV..a show about a bunch of idiots who are not even actually from New Jersey, get drunk, do stupid things, get arrested, hook up with people and say stupid things that nobody should actually say….People like this used to be called Douches or morons or other we call them STARS…ahh I continue to be frustrated with the world
No 10 And lastly I wanted to say something about the tragedy of South Eugene High School. For those of you that don’t know, two South Eugene students drowned at the coast this weekend when they were caught by a sneaker wave. This is a terrible tragedy and I offer all of my heartfelt condolences to the family and all that were involved. Its terrible when people lose their life, especially when they were so young. Rest in peace Jack Harnsongkram and Connor Ausland


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