Feb 22- Feb 28

No 1  Last tuesday, a powerful earthquake shook up the Christchurch, the capital of New Zealand.  A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand, thought to initially have killed 75 people, and that number keeps rising with several hundred people still missing. This might evoke memories of the Haiti earthquake last year, which killed many people and people raised millions of dollars to help, as im sure people will begin efforts to help New Zealand soon as well. It is always a sad day when people lose their life in something like this and im sure we all wish those killed in the quake to rest in peace and for the survivors to get back to their lives as soon as possible (though that might be hard with all the damage)
No 2 Here is something interesting, the aforementioned earthquake did more then just damage property and kill people, it also broke off part of a glacier. A 30 million ton block of ice in a lake close to Christchurch broke off as a result of the violent earthquake…an interesting story indeed..lets see what the conversationalists say about this…
No 3..It happened, the sky must be falling, and 2012 must be real. In an absolutely stunning move (which I would of NEVER seen coming) Fox News guy Glenn Beck actually apologized for something he said..you heard me right APOLOGISED!!!!  What Beck was apologizing for was a remark he made about Reform Judaism (modern jewish people) in which he compared them to Radical Islamists (The “Holy War” and 1000 Virgins Islamists). If you are curious about just what exactly Beck said then look it up..honestly I don’t wanna defend him as I do not like him but he didn’t call them terrorists, but whenever you are compared to Islamists these days, it sounds very bad. Now if only he could do something about calling anybody that has a liberal viewpoint “Nazis” or “Communists”
No 4…This is just a quick one for me.. “Oh Superman” by Laurie Anderson….listen to it…its just a hoot (right Caitlin Lyons?)  Now im sure all the Neo Hippies and Indie people will call me ignorant as the song has a real meaning and all that..and I don’t really care if they do..its just funny with all the “Hello”? “This is your mother” Bahahahahahahaha
No 5  Yep, that’s right folks, the star of the hit CBS show “Two and a Half Men” and known crazy man Charlie Sheen had gone off the deep end. The actor, who was recently hospitalized for a 36 hour cocaine bender with several porn stars and prostitutes has now officially become insane. CBS halted production of its number one show when Sheen went off in several rants criticizing show creator Chuck Lorre and demanding that he still be paid for the episodes of two and a half men that will not be aired..In fact he is demanding that they double his pay..Sheen is already the highest paid actor on television…..lets see how this is all gonna play put…my odds are on badly \ No 6. Speaking of crazy people, we havent even begun to talk about the sheer mental craziness that is Libyan Leader Omar Gadhafi . This guy has been in power since the 70s in Libya, and he is known as a bit of a dictator among his people. Now, much like Egypt his people are revolting against him, but unlike Egypt Gadhafi isn’t going out without a fight. Gadhafi blames his people unrest on Osama Bin Laden, stating that his people were given “hallucinogenic drugs” By Osama. He is also trying to sick his own military on ordinary citizens, even ordering his air force to bomb the protesters. His insane demands have led to many of his own aides and militart personnel to defect, as they are not willing to attack their own people as Gadhafi is. The US and the UN are now getting involved in the Libya situation, trying to impose a “no fly zone” over libya, and they have frozen Gadhafi’s assets, also they are pondering military action against Gadhafi. One can only hope that the bloodshed is soon stopped as Gadhafi has resulted to using mercenaries to attack and kill the protesters, as they slowly threaten Gadhafis grip on power. No 7 . In unrelated news, at some point in the last few weeks, the world news hub, Facebook has a new most popular person. Pop Star Lady Gaga has had the title for a while but she found her 29, 000,000 Facebook likes eclipsed by Rapper Eminem, and the gap is widening fast…What a world…

No 8. The NFL scouting combine is this week. This is the yearly get together of all the top NFL prospects from college, where the team scouts come with stopwatches and watch to see all the tools of these top players. Now, the impending NFL lockout puts a bit of a damper on the event, as these prospects might not even play next year, but still it is an important tool for the NFL
My Mock DraftNo 1 Carolina Panthers: Nick Fairley DT AuburnNo 2 Denver Broncos Da’Quan Bowers DE ClemsonNo 3 Buffalo Bills Cam Newton QB AuburnNo 4 Cincinnati Bengals Julio Jones WR AlabamaNo 5 Arizona Cardinals Blaine Gabbert QB MissouriNo 6 Cleveland Browns Patrick Peterson CB LSUNo 7 San Francisco 49ers Marcel Darius DT AlabamaNo 8 Tennessee Titans  Von Miller LB TexasNo 9 Dallas Cowboys Prince Amukamara CB NebraskaNo 10 Washington Redskins AJ Green WR Georgia
No 9 March Madness is almost here… Time to start thinking about how your gonna win your office pool. I personally find March Madness to be the most exciting time in sports..It isn’t as redundant as the BCS, or as easy to predict as the NBA Playoffs, or as obnoxiously long as the MLB playoffs (I like the world series, the rest is pretty boring). March Madness is a end of the season sporting event as it is supposed to be… A tournament where if you lose, your out, and where anybody could win on any given day..I just hope I don’t do as bad as I did last year, where the champion I picked was knocked out in the second round (Damn you Ali Faroukmanesh or however it is that you spell your name)
No 10. The Oscars were last night…and I got some of my picks right, and some wrong…My picks or best picture, best actor and best actress were dead on, while my supporting actor and actress picks were a little off, both won by people from “The Fighter” (though I admit, I was just guessing on best supporting actress..I did no research and didn’t see “The Fighter”) I enjoyed watching the show, for the redundancy factor wasn’t as high this year. Congrats to all the winners and better luck next time to the losers.. Oh and I was also wrong on best director….Shouldn’t of not called “The Kings Speech”..sheesh


New Top Ten Feb 14 to Feb 22

Devin’s top ten for Feb 14-Feb 20

No 1 . Does everyone remember when NASA told everyone that Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore? Well that continues to be a highly contentious subject, but my news isn’t that the “dwarf” planet is a regular planet again…cause its not. However, there may still be hope for nine planets in our solar system, cause scientists may have discovered a new ninth planet..one that happens to be four times bigger then our old biggest planet, Jupiter.  Planet Tyche, the name given to this giant is a planet that may or may not exist in the Oort clout on the outer rim of our solar system. An Oort cloud is a area of the solar system that contains billions of comets, which makes it difficult to actually see what is inside the cloud.  Two astronomers from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette claim that in the next couple of years NASA will actually be able to prove or disprove the existence of Tyche, which they claimed to have found in 1999, but many scientists are convinced that Tyche does not exist..we shall see
No 2. Ok is it me or does nobody know proper grammar, or even how to properly spell anymore? I was walking to my bus stop this morning and I saw some kids had made graffiti on somebody’s fence. of course the kids were trying to be “gangster” so they had painted. actually tried to paint “west coast” on the fence.. but it came out “west cost” And this isn’t the only thing I have seen..some kids had written some very nasty insults about some girl with sharpie on the bus stop sign..but they misspelled “slutty” and made “sluty”. I have noticed that Facebook is the mecca of bad grammar. Nobody even bothers to spell anything right, or use proper grammar..Now sure it is social networking and the bad grammar is “semi” acceptable but blatantly  misspelling some words that are so very easy to spell…really..come on kids…learn to spell!
No 3 Some sad news from last week…Everyone knows about all the trouble these Somali pirates have been causing off the coast of Africa by now. The military snipers last year that simultaneously fired and killed two pirates ,who had kidnapped the captain of a US cargo ship, and all of that stuff? Well..they are at it again. Pirates had kidnapped two couples and hijacked their boat, the “quest”, and the US Navy was soon on their tail, trying to negotiate their release. The violence all started when the pirates fired an RPG at a US missile destroyer, missing, and immediately after the navy heard gunfire. The navy quickly boarded the ship and captured the pirates but it was too late for the four Americans, making this the first time that Americans had been killed by Somali pirates. The people are identified as Jean and Scott Adam and Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle. My heartfelt condolences go out to the families of these people who had to die because the cowardly pirates were afraid to face justice…I do hope the US has a response for this, as pirates may continue to target and kill people..we have warships, lets do something about it.
No 4. Last weekend, the NBA had its annual “No Defense Basketball” All Star weekend. This weekend is a showcase of what happens when nobody tries to stop you from scoring, such as the wide open 3 point contest and the uncontested slam dunk competition, as well as the “lets make a highlight reel” All Star game. Now let me be clear, I do not hate all star weekend, but it gets kinda boring because it is the same old thing every year.  \However, the slam dunk competition was pretty awesome. LA Clippers rookie phenom Blake Griffin won the contest by jumping over a car, which was pretty cool. I will admit though that the dunk part of that one wasn’t that great but the pageantry of the whole thing was pretty awesome. The JaVale McGee 3 basketball dunk was insane, and the Serge Ibaka “grab the toy with your teeth” dunk was pretty good as well. But I think that the NBA should get big names to the dunk contest. most of the players there except Blake Griffin were not well known, and if the Slam Dunk competition had LeBron James, Griffin, Dwight Howard and a few other well known players, it might be really worth watching..get it done David Stern!
No 5. Normally, I do not like NASCAR. I mean I just don’t like watching 43 cars go around in a circle for 4 hours with the occasional crash. But I saw a story on ESPN that actually got to me. 10 years ago on Saturday was the day that NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt died in a accident on the final turn of the Daytona 500, and ESPN ran a story about it. It is actually quite sad to watch, as after the crash, Earnhardt was in really bad shape, so he was immediately taken to a hospital. Crashes happen all the time in NASCAR, so many of the drivers that day thought that Dale was going to be ok. The winner of the race that day, Michael Waltrip, who was a teammate of Earnhardt, celebrated with his pit crew in his win, in the back of his mind he was thinking about his teammate, but he didn’t think it was bad. Earnhardt’s son, Dale Jr immediately rushed to the hospital with his step mom Teresa to go check on his dad. The sad part was that Earnhardt passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. The story in a whole is tragic and sad, the piece is so well done, you can feel how emotional some of the people they interviewed for it got…RIP Dale Earnhardt
No 6. Everyone uses a social networking site these days, I mean over 500,000,000 people have a face book page, and the numbers keep growing in Mark Zuckerberg’s global empire. However, there are some pitfalls to social networking, and most of them have to do with the person who has the page. People generally are not very smart when it comes to what they put on their face book page, putting phone numbers and locations and vacation plans on your page is generally not a very good idea. However, I think that the most ridiculous thing on face book is the “In a relationship, its complicated” status you put on there. I mean most people don’t want everyone to know their business, and now your going to tell the world that your having problems in your relationship? shouldn’t that be private, or are you just seeking attention. I don’t mean that everybody that uses that is seeking attention , but just think about it, do you really want everybody in the world to know your problems?
No 7. Here is a fun piece. So through the internet I have noticed that the band nickel back seems to be eternally hated by most people. So in honor of that I made myself a rule..its called the nickel back rule. When nickel back comes on the radio..you must change the station..even if there is nothing else on..no nickel back..as soon as you hear Chad Krogers voice..change
No 8 . You know what one of my biggest complaints about other drivers is? Tailgaters. No, not football fans cooking, but the people that like to get right behind you, way too close to you. Most of them do it because they want to go faster then you are going and that is the asshole way of getting you to move over, but when im going the speed limit, which is what I am supposed to do, im not gonna move over. And if you like to tailgate..I like to stop suddenly..and make your stupid ass pay for it because you were following too close…don’t mess with me tailgaters!
No 9 . The long saga is finally over, and Carmelo Anthony has a new team. The NBA all star from the Denver Nuggets was traded late monday night to the New York Knicks after months of demanding a trade, and his former team negotiating with many teams to try and get the right deal. Anthony wanted to go play for the Knicks since the beginning, but the Knicks didn’t budge for a while with trading away some of their better players to get him. They finally did, and there is another big three in the eastern conference to go with the Miami Thrice and Boston 3 party..Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups..the Broadway Three?
No 10. Well, the Oscars are next weekend, the annual big time movie awards..and here are my predictions on who is gonna win some of the bigger awards
Best Directing: Darren Aranofsky, Black SwanBest Supporting Actor:  Geoffrey Rush., The Kings SpeechBest Supporting Actress: Amy Adams, The FighterBest Lead Actor: Colin Firth, The Kings SpeechBest Lead Actress: Natalie Portman, Black SwanBest Picture:  The Social Network or The Kings Speech I cant decide

Feb 6 to Feb 13

Devin’s top ten for the week of Feb 7-13
…and I guess for those celebrating it today ill wish them a happy valentines day…

No 1. Did you all see the Grammys last night? Well, I chose to partake in the pageantry of the event and watch it on TV, and here are some of my thoughts. I am usually pretty good at predicting the winners when I see the nominees because its usually as simple as who is most popular right now, however this year I was dead off. Since Eminem was pretty big this year with his “Recovery” album, I assumed that he would win most of the 10 nominations that he had, but I was wrong again. He won rap album of the year of course, but I was surprised when he lost record of the year to Lady Antebellum (frankly I was surprised at all the awards she won that were not country awards). And I was even more surprised when Arcade Fire beat him out for Album of the year, but I thought that was pretty cool though because in my opinion the Arcade Fire album was the better album.  And my final thought goes to my absolute glee that the 12 year old Canadian girl Justin Bieber did not win Best New Artist. Im sorry to all the fans of him (why?) but he sings like a girl, and he is one of the worst songwriters that I have ever heard in my life. I have no idea who the girl is that won and I have never heard anything she sang, heck I don’t remember her name but congrats to her.
No 2. So here is another excerpt from the Super Bowl. People need to lay off Christina Aguilera for her national anthem mess-up. So she mixed up a few lines and didn’t sing it right, give the girl a break. People need to remember that she was singing in front of 103,000 people in the stadium and 11 MILLION that were watching on TV. From what I know, there are a lot of people that don’t even know all the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner (I know people who thought America the Beautiful was the national anthem). Besides, I thought that despite the missing lyric, she sang it beautifully, that girl has range!
No 3. One last thing from last weeks Super Bowl, did anyone hear about the people who paid for tickets and were told that they didn’t have a seat? There were 500 people who paid to watch the Super Bowl live (probably spent a lot of money) and they had to watch it outside the stadium on a TV. Well those 500 people filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL, Cowboys Stadium and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. After the game, the NFL offered them two options, one is that they will have a ticket to next years Super Bowl in Indianapolis, or another is a ticket to any future Super Bowl of their choosing, with airfare paid. Well, that offer was not good enough to placate those fans. The league and all those people are being sued for fraud, and how this all plays out will definitely be interesting
No 4. So, nowadays everyone seems to think that 2012 is the new “end of the world” date, specifically December 21st 2012, the winter solstice, but 2012 is SO last year. The new end of the world is some time in 2036. Why is this? It is because of the Apophis Asteroid. This asteroid is about the size of two football fields and in the year 2029, the asteroid will pass right by earth. What could determine its path is if it passes through a very small “gravitational keyhole”. If the asteroid does hit this “keyhole” (the odds are very slim) its path could be changed and it will come back and impact earth in April of 2036, However people of earth, do not fret, NASA, and the other space agencies of the world are keeping an eye on this asteroid and if it is to be on a collision course, they have plans to knock it off course (and they do NOT involve Bruce Willis)
No 5 . Last Monday, I read a truly touching story, and I thought I would share it with you all. In the wide world of Sports, with the multi million dollar contracts, the trade demands and the childish antics, you thought that there were not any good guys left, but you would be wrong, there does exist someone and his name is Tom Walter. Tom Walter is the head coach of Wake Forest’s Baseball team, and college coaches are known to be a lot closer to their player then the pros, but this goes beyond being close to your players. On that baseball team is Kevin Jordan, he is an outfielder for the team. Jordan contracted a mystery illness that shut down his kidneys, he lived off dialysis machines and he needed a kidney, so as doctors usually did, they tested all of his family to try and find a match, and they didn’t find a match. Coach Walter heard about his sick player and he immediately went down to the hospital to get himself checked out and see if he was a match…he was. This coach donated one of his own kidneys to his player, saving his life. If this isn’t an example of selflessness in the world of sports, I don’t know what is..TOm Walter…one of the good guys
No 6  The whole Egypt situation is finally over, in case you all didn’t know. The protesters in Cairo who have been out there for weeks on end, beating up reporters, and just being out of control finally got what they wanted. President Hosni Mubarek finally stepped down, and Egypt will now attempt to establish a democracy in a land that was once ruled by Pharaohs. The protesters thought that they had won on Thursday when a top general in the Egypt army said to the protesters that all their demands would be met, but Mubarek stood defiantly in front of the angry mob and said that he would be transferring some of his power to his vice president but he would not step down for another six months. The crowd got angrier and soon after that, he stepped down. Hard to believe this was all started by a face book group…
No 7 Does anyone know about Wikileaks? It has been called one of the most important journalistic tools that exists today by the New York Times and also it has been called espionage by the major world governments. Wikileaks is a website that somehow gets its hands on important world government classified documents and  posts them on the internet. It is both lauded and condemned, people hate it and love it, one of the most controversial sites that exist today..more on this next week

No 8 It is that time of year, when there are no kickoffs, no discussions on who is the best and no touchdowns.. football season is over. We all have to wait until September, and while there will always be college football, for those of you that love the NFL, there might not be any football next season, unless the NFL Players Association(NFLPA) and the team owners can come up with an agreement in the next few weeks. Why is this? The NFL makes 9 billion dollars every year, it is one of the biggest corporations in this country and it is seemingly recession proof, but what keeps the league funded is the collective bargaining agreement(CBA). This agreement decides where the 9 billion dollars go, with the current deal giving the owners 1 billion dollars for expenses needed for maintenance and then the remaining 8 billion is split like this 60 percent to the players and 40 percent to the owners. Well, the current CBA will expire in march, and the NFLPA and owners are hard at work trying to get a new one, however, discussions are not going well. The owners want to get an additional 1 billion dollars, and the NFL front offices and the owners want to add 2 games to the current league schedule to make it an 18 game schedule. The players are dealing with a rash of injuries and don’t want the additional 2 games, and the players don’t want to lose the money they would have to give up..so they are at a stalemate…I really hope they come up with a deal soon, because I don’t know what I will do on sundays without the NFL…
No 9 Well, I already mentioned Egypt and their overthrowing of their president, but did you all know that this is not the only place that is revolting against their government,  Egypt was the one that got the most news. Tunisia is having a rather violent revolt against their corrupt government, also revolting is Algeria, Bahrain and Yemen, and I heard about unrest in Saudi Arabia, and Iran is telling anyone that plans of protesting against them that they will be arrested for treason if they demonstrate against president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The world is all going to hell now..we better watch out….
No 10. Its reputation is spreading faster then the world, it is everywhere, in your store, in your TV, in your government.. you know what I am talking about..Facebook.. Its truly amazing to watch how Facebook is inserting itself into everyones daily lives. There is really too much on this topic so look for Wednesday when I do one whole blog entry on how face book is becoming the giant entity that it is, and just how much power its CEO Mark Zuckerburg has

My Top ten for Jan 30-Feb 6

Devin’s top ten for the week of Jan 30-Feb 6 2011

In an effort to get a blog entry up every week, I am going to try something new..Every monday I will have a top ten review of last week..these are things that I thought were important, random thoughts and observations of mine from the previous week..if you don’t like it..don’t read..if you don’t like my opinions..I really don’t care too much but leave a comment telling me how much you hated it and it might amuse me

No 1. Ok so by now everyone is aware of what is happening in Egypt right? How basically there is a civil war going on there and violent mobs run the streets of Cairo and all that. Well through all that, the US news organizations like CNN,MSNBC and ABC still send out reporters to Egypt to report on what is going on there. The reporters are not greeted with fruit baskets when they are there either..CNN’s Anderson Cooper was beaten and chased twice, Katie Couric was heckled and several other reporters were attacked or chased..(In the Conan joke from the other night..how can we send Glenn Beck out there hahaha). In conclusion I have to say that those reporters have some thick skin to be out there where they are not just unwanted, but where people would use force to remove them. When my journalism career really begins I will have nothing to do with such reporting, so congrats to them for having the biggest cajones
No 2. Now it goes without saying that everyone knows that the Super Bowl was yesterday. The unofficial American holiday where people gather together and watch the biggest football game of the year. I have to say that the game itself was pretty entertaining. The Packers looked good early, but the Steelers came back and made it a game, however in the end the Packers won thanks to the laserlike precision of Aaron Rodgers arm. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers on winning their 4th Super Bowl in history and to the Steelers..I still don’t like you guys but it was a good game. On another note I finally broke my 4 year losing streak on picking the Super Bowl winner!
No 3. Another note from the Super Bowl comes from the Clay Matthews forced fumble in the 4th quarter. Now this is significant because does the last name Matthews look familiar to you Ducks fans? Yes, in case you didn’t know (I don’t really know how you wouldn’t because of how often its mentioned) he is Ducks middle linebacker Casey Matthews older brother. And another reason that is significant is because Casey did the exact thing, force a fumble in the 4th quarter in the National Championship game when he stripped Cam Newton of the ball. So that means that in both the BCS National Championship and the Super Bowl they had a member of the Matthews family force a 4th quarter fumble.
No 4. No Trespassing signs..Ok so lets talk about those signs. Trespassing itself is already illegal, as trespassing is to be on somebody elses property without the owners permission, so why do those signs exist?  Putting one of those signs up is like putting a sign up at a convenience store that says “No Robbing”
No 5. Ok does the movie industry make any original movies anymore..I mean really? That movie coming out soon named Battle:Los Angeles (I wonder how long it took em to come up with that name?)..It looks very similar to Independence Day..kinda like Skyline that came out earlier . And then there is that movie The Roommate…same thing as that older movie Single White Female right?  And as if the subtleness with making movies with new names isn’t enough..they are making a Spiderman REMAKE? That movie came out in 2001, its not quite old enough for a remake is it.? Well I guess they remade The Incredible Hulk too so…yeah
No 6. This one is for Ducks fans like myself..National Signing day was last week! Chip Kelly and the Ducks nabbed a very good recruiting class, a top 15 in ESPN rankings and No 10 on Rivals recruiting rankings. The Ducks also nabbed a 5 star recruit who changed his commitment from USC to Oregon, a guy named De’Anthony Thomas outta LA, thus landing a sucker punch on the USC Trojans (Sweet!)    This Thomas kid is an athlete who could play Runningback,Wide Receiver,Cornerback, and a variety of other positions. We also nabbed a 5 star guy outta Hillsboro High(That’s in Oregon) named Colt Lyerla. Scouts have said that he is almost a clone of Chicago Bears All Pro linebacker Brian Urlacher, who is a pretty good player. Overall it’s a pretty good class and the future of the Oregon Ducks football team looks pretty promising
No 7. To continue with my Sports theme, amid all the recruiting news and Super Bowls, a all time record was set over the week..but its not exactly a record to be proud of.   The Cleveland Cavaliers, who just a year ago were one of the best teams in the NBA, set an NBA record for most consecutive games lost. The Cavaliers lost their 24th strait game with a 111-105 loss at home to the Portland Trailblazers. The only difference between this years Cavs and Last years is one player…Two time MVP LeBron James…Last years Cavs won 61 games and this years doesn’t even look like they will win 20 games. My question is are the Cavs really this bad with one player gone, or are they tanking the season to try and nab a college star player like Jared Sullinger and restart their franchise. All I know is that the ultimate record for futility now belongs to the Cleveland Cavaliers..don’t enjoy it…

No 8. To everyone that is reading this from Eugene..isn’t the weather great outside? I say this because everywhere else in this country it seems is having some sort of crazy winter storm. There is a layer of ice in the Midwest, a pile of snow on the east coast and a deep freeze in Texas..what the heck is going on? Basketball games are getting cancelled because of the weather and other events, it is just insane, really makes you look at your own situation and be glad that you live in Oregon…the state where nothing ever happens.
No 9 Why the hell is reality TV so popular? The most popular show on TV right now is Jersey Shore on MTV..a show about a bunch of idiots who are not even actually from New Jersey, get drunk, do stupid things, get arrested, hook up with people and say stupid things that nobody should actually say….People like this used to be called Douches or morons or other insults..now we call them STARS…ahh I continue to be frustrated with the world
No 10 And lastly I wanted to say something about the tragedy of South Eugene High School. For those of you that don’t know, two South Eugene students drowned at the coast this weekend when they were caught by a sneaker wave. This is a terrible tragedy and I offer all of my heartfelt condolences to the family and all that were involved. Its terrible when people lose their life, especially when they were so young. Rest in peace Jack Harnsongkram and Connor Ausland