A Twisted Path

I havent written any poetry for a while but i have been feeling pretty inspired for the last couple weeks..so heres one I just came up with



There exists a path. it is not a path that you would enjoy to walk. It has no flowers, no sights and no sunlit landscape. What it does have is darkness, thorns and dangers.
I found myself going down this path, downtrodden, defeated and dumbfounded…the woes of the world weighed heavily upon my legs.
I walked down this twisted path, head to the ground, hands in my pockets. heart heavy with worries. Devoid of light I continued upon my direction, no destination in mind..just endless miles…
Then I heard a voice…it was faint and quiet but made me look up. It said “I miss you”. Deep did I search for who said it, I called out, I turned around, I ran.Then..I saw her face
My head sprang up, my hands shot out my heart felt lighter as I ran to her. Light poured in from the sky and illuminated the darkness as I ran to her, a smile beaming from her face
And all of a sudden, the twisted path wasnt so twisted anymore
by Devin Knieriem

Bitterness…the eternal enemy of the optimist

I would like to say that I am an optimistic person. I try and look on the bright side of things, no matter how dark the subject is. When someone makes a joke about me I try and laugh along with it because there is no need to get mad over a joke. Self-Deprecating humor comes easy to me because I know my flaws and I run with them.

Honestly, I could be a bitter person. I didnt exactly get where I wanted to go in school, im currently single while everyone around me is spouting off about how happy they are in their relationships. I work long hours into the night while most of my friends spend their nights partying and telling me about what a good time they have…but truth is that I just dont care.

I like my job and I like bullshitting with my coworkers; I dont really care that im not in any kind of relationship because im only 24, not 50. I still have plenty of time to get going in a career, in fact ive thought that if and when I go back to school that I might forgo journalism and instead focus on getting an english degree and a teaching license and teach one of the things that I am truly passionate about…writing.Also, I could always do freelance journalism as a hobby because you dont even need a degree for that,

dont be bitter, life is too short to go around telling people how sad you are because of extenuating circumstances that happen to you. Besides…people who are happier live longer, a proven scientific fact (science bitch look it up!)

Ill leave you with this…

“Let them see that their words can cut you and you’ll never be free of the mockery. If they want to give you a name take it make it your own. Then they can’t hurt you with it anymore.”  Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones



Moving on up…

If you were to ask me a year ago if I would ever be in a position to move up with my job I would of said no way in hell. I had just started at Winco and I was slow, only just started to learn where everything was and was really quiet..preferred to just blend in and do my job, then go home. Ask me now..and I would say something far different

I was told yesterday that I might be next in line for the Lead Clerk position…I was asked if I would even want it and I shrugged it off like “Sure, why not” but truth be told….I definitely want it. I know I could do it, and I know I would be good at it and I want it. Keep in mind that I would have to apply for it and go through the interview process and as of now they are not looking for any more candidates..but next time they are looking for people to apply for Lead Clerk I will definitely apply for it, and when I get the interview I will blow the Store Manager away and when I get the job, I will rock it

Confidence and cockiness are not to be confused..I have confidence im not cocky

A tribute to an old friend

Yesterday was kind of a hard day for me. I lost someone very close to me…I lost my cat, Bobby. I know, its only a cat, and I should be a man and pretend that I dont have feelings and guys are supposed to like dogs and all those masculine stereotypes but I really dont care.

I had that cat for 18 years…18 YEARS! I am only 24 years old so I have had her for most of my life. We got her when she was only 2 months old. She was one of 2 survivors of her litter after it was attacked by an older tomcat that found them. She was originally going to be my brothers cat, as I already had one at the time named Gizmo, but Gizmo died a few years later and Brandon and I shared her.

Oh, and as for her name, im sure that anyone reading this noticed that she was a girl cat and her name was Bobby..well we were originally going to have a male cat, and the man that my mom was dating at the time was going to get to name it. He wanted to name it Bob, but then there was the aforementioned accident with the tomcat, so we ended up getting a girl, but he kept the name. We tried to change it after my mom wasnt dating the guy anymore but Bob stuck…we just called her Bobby cause it sounded at least slightly like it could be feminine.

Bob was with us forever. We moved at least half a dozen times and took her with us. One time when we were living out in the Amazon area of Springfield, our crazy neighbor took her and wouldnt give her back, but we got her back.She was around for me when my mom died and ever so slightly helped my brother and I with our grief. Even when I moved to live with my dad after Mom died and I couldnt take her with me, she stayed at my Grandmas for 4 years, and when I moved back there after I turned 18 she was there waiting for me

Not many pets will last for 18 years…hell not many of them last for ten, but Bobby did. She lived a long and prosperous life, having 3 litters of kittens, one of which from her first litter is still alive and kicking as my Great-Grandmothers cat. Bobby was more than my pet though..she was family…It will be hard for a while when I see her empty food dish, but its okay….Say hi to my mom for me Bobby



Moving On (from town to town)

I really need to get out of here..and by here I dont just mean Eugene, I mean the whole state of Oregon. I have lived here my whole life and I am damn tired of it.  Im not a hippie, im not a redneck which automatically excludes me from the two biggest groups in this god forsaken state.

Everyone I know, my family and friends all talk about how much they love Oregon and how they never want to leave…some ask me why I would want to leave such a “wonderful” place..Apparently, there is a good quality of life here, its a great place to raise a family at and blah, blah ,blah..truth is that I do not give a f^%k..Im single, I have no prospects at the moment..I waste all my thoughts on a girl who is obviously out of my league (and not single anyway) and even if I wasnt all these things I just listed, I wouldnt want to stay in Oregon anyway…

Whenever my opportunity comes I fully intend to leave this state and never live here again (odds are that I will end up coming back for family and friend visits)..Where will I go? I want to live a big city life..im not talking about fricking Portland..I hate Portland and I would never live there…I have thought about 5 places where I would go…Seattle cause it seems like the kind of place I would mesh in well,New Orleans for the fantastic food and fascinating history with all the french influence, Indianapolis because of all the major midwest cities, I think I would enjoy living in most,San Francisco because i find it to be one of the most fascinating and exciting cities in the country, and New York City because I definitely could become a New Yorker and because I would love to live on the East Coast (my younger brother insists its awful but him and I are completely different people).

I wont be here forever…..I cant….I think I was never born to be an Oregonian

Everyones got talent

I really like people who have talents..from musicians to actors to people I meet while I am out, I really like seeing people who are good at something. That is probably why I am attracted to women with musical talents so much…play a piano or guitar or bass or you sing? Ladies I can already tell I like you! As for my talents, I would say that I am a fairly good writer but I am the only critic judging so who am I to say? I have a very good, almost eidetic memory, but it is not the best and I can forget some things. I am a knowledge sponge and know random facts on far too many things (im awesome at most trivia games). Even though I dont have any musical talents that I know of ( I want them though) I have a very good set of ears and can hear notes really well (I can usually tell if someone singing is on key or not)..I dont know if any of those are useful talents and I certainly wont be winning any talent shows but oh well I digress…

Time to go and read..im halfway into “A Clash Of Kings” by George RR Martin and it is my goal to have the entire “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series finished (the published ones…when is Winds Of Winter coming GRRM???) by the time Game Of Thrones Season 4 starts (which is the second half book 3 A Storm Of Swords)

Black and White…

Like everyone in the last 72 hours, I have heard constant talk of the George Zimmerman murder trial and its outcome. For those that dont know, Mr Zimmerman was accused of killing a 16 year old boy named Trayvon Martin in Florida when he felt that the teenager was a threat to his life. Zimmerman shot and killed the teenager and he was on trial for his death. If you want to know more on the case itself then I suggest that you google it and read some of the numerous articles by far bettter journalists than myself…If you want to hear me rant about how Zimmerman got away with murder, or if i think that he was innocent and justice was served..I wont do that, because my opinion is that..I dont have the slightest idea what happened. I was not there;I didnt see it;I do not know Mr Zimmerman,Mr Martin or either of their families and I will not take a side.

What I do have to say is how absolutely disgusted I am with the american public on the outcome of this case. The people supporting Martin are calling for vengeance and marking Zimmerman for vigilante justice, the people that support Zimmerman are out mocking those that supported the other side and treating the young mans death as something to brush off and proudly shouting about gun rights..its absolutely deplorable.

First of all, the only person in the entire world that knows exactly what happened in that case is George Zimmerman…He is the only person alive that was there and he knows exactly what happened. Did he shoot Martin because he felt his life was in danger, or was he just an overzealous neighborhood watchman who racially profiled a young, black kid and got trigger happy…he knows…We know what he insisted in court and all that but was he just trying  to stay out of prison or telling the truth??? only he knows. Who doesnt know is the family of himself. or Trayvon Martin, or the attorneys for both sides as they were not there..AND who doesnt know are the people who are feigning their support to either side and stood with picket signs outside the courthouse during the trial. I am constantly reading facebook and twitter posts from both sides that seem to insinuate that they know exactly what happened and that justice was served/not served…here is a newsflash…YOU DONT!!!..Every time I read these from the people that talk like they were standing there during the event, I shudder….And when I hear about these people who claim that they will bring violence to Mr Zimmerman or the ones that say they will get their guns and protect Mr. Zimmerman I shake my head in disgust..

I really dont understand how every decisive event in this country can turn into a political debate…Conservatives waving their guns in the air celebrating him getting away, Liberals who claim racism and will go to the death for a retrial..it is all just another excuse for one side of the politicl spectrum to claim the stupidity of the other side and claim that their side is the “only smart and sane one”..its stupid.

What is lost in all this is the fact that a young man lost his life…Guilty or not, Mr Zimmerman is not a battle hardened soldier or a serial killer so he will have to live with the fact that he took another human life..self defense or not, because of him, Trayvon Martin is not alive anymore. That is punishment enough for me because that is a fact that cannot be argued..Grieve for the family of Trayvon Martin…dont try and get defensive over something that you will never know about…Did Zimmerman think Martin was suspicious because he was black? I dont know, and neither do you..Knowing race relations in this country I would not dismiss it, but I dont know nor does anyone but George Zimmerman

General Public…leave it be, let our justice system do its thing..Its not perfect but outside of mind reading it never will be…

To the family of Trayvon Martin, I am sorry for your loss..I know you didnt get the justice you wanted but still..thats just how it is..Unless Zimmerman admits something different or some new irrevocable evidence shows up, this is what you get..Know this, he will always know what he did, this will change Zimmermans life forever, he will not go to sleep again without seeing Trayvons face



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